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summer flew by in a flash
it was by far one of our BEST summers 
our days were fun filled
hence the lack of attention to the blog :o)

now that we have five weeks of school under our belt and we're not balancing school + summer activities, i am hoping to have time to get caught up on the blog.

i've missed it
i've missed reading and connecting with my friends in blogland
i've missed a real routine in life 
i am so ready for fall and routine
routine = happy mama

here's a little glimpse at life over the past few weeks:

 end of the summer picnic at church 
slip and slide on the hill = happy happy kids

 post 12 mile run 
sipping my new favorite post long run drink {1/2 chocolate milk + 1/2 milk = yummy!}
and praying i could actually stand up again

 i ran a different route the other morning and spied a field full of geese

 my boy LOVES to play chess
he's good at it
i am still not sure i totally get it
it makes him happy when i play with him
so i am learning
he is patient with me

 someone got into the puppy chow
 after years and years and years of waiting, morgan's gym finally opened their new building
we spent our labor day weekend laboring at the gym
setting up equipment, cleaning, moving mats 
we were exhausted by the end of the weekend
it was so fun to see the new gym take shape
the kids LOVED tumbling and playing... especially into the pits

 my sweet blog friend turned real life friend andrea met up with me the other day to do a little exchange
we both like honey stingers so we did a little swap with our flavors
she was so sweet to bring me some OPI nail envy which i lovey love love
i've used that stuff for 15 years
can i just say its so fun to have a blog friend turned in real life friend that lives near me

 during school the other morning, mauryn was reading a "gift card" {aka a playing card}
her gift card read: google 80 thousand million google
sign me up for that gift card asap!

 a little down time with her babies and her leap pad

 one of lance's business partners was married a few weekends ago
it was in an area i had never been before
as we were driving i was not too impressed with the scenery
i knew this was going to be an outdoor wedding/reception so i was not sure what to expect
as we walked up to the venue it was still very plain
then we walked into the backyard 
wow... some breath taking views of the snake river valley
a fun hidden gem

house clean.... check
laundry washed dried folded AND put away.... check
dinner prepped.... check
it became diet dr. pepper o'clock and time for a little reading.....aaah! my favorite

 this boy loves to mow the lawn
loves it
lance is taking advantage of it while it lasts
i am sure there will be a day when he doesn't love it
{yes i know he did not have shoes on in the picture but that was immediately corrected}

 this is how he bounces rolls when it comes to school

 sometimes i hide out in my bedroom while folding laundry
then i dig into my little sanity saving stash of sugary goodness

 i have been hearing people rave about cafe rio for over a year
i didn't even know we had one in the area until andrea told me about it
we met for lunch one tuesday for taco tuesday
i felt like a real grown up
out to lunch, during the week, kid free
it felt a little strange
it was so fun
cafe rio did not disappoint
i can't wait to go back again

 we've been studying obedience in school the past few weeks
one of our first units was on kings, queens, knights
landon has been spending quite a bit of time in his prince caspian costume and practicing his sword fighting skills

 early early EARLY morning for boise balloon festival
totally worth it
sun rising over the mountains, hot air balloons being filled and lifting off
not a bad way to start a friday morning

 miss sass a frass is ready to cheer on our boise state broncos
it could be a rough growing year for our team
a sparkly tutu makes that all better

outdoor summer movie on a friends yard
beautiful end of summer evening
kids huddled together
perfect end to summer!

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