Rookie Ball 2012

i know i know its football season and i am posting about baseball
i am a slacker
the end of school and summer took over and this blog took a backseat to life

i told myself before i could post about landon's flag football season i needed to post about baseball

better late than never, right??

this was landon's third and final year playing rookie ball
rookie ball is a big step up from t ball
{t ball makes me want to poke my eyes out.... its painful}
the kids hit off a pitching machine
they can make outs
if the team batting scores 6 runs then they switch and the batting team goes to the field

the games can be fast paced and exciting

the kids are starting to learn the basics of baseball
landon spent most of the year playing second base or short stop
he did get a time or two behind the plate as catcher 
it was fun to see his fielding skills and knowledge of the game grow this season
he found his groove at the plate this year
he had some big hits
so fun to see it all come together
there were some interesting changes in rookie ball this year
halfway through the season they decided to go to kid pitch
landon spent some time on the mound pitching
he did an awesome job
it was stressful on this mom
i am not sure i can deal with him as a pitcher... too much pressure
but he liked it
we'll see what happens next season when he's in kid pitch

the team ended up first in the league at the end of the season
these boys played their hearts out
they took 3rd place in the end of season tournament

this was a great group of boys
they improved a great deal throughout the season
they learned about the game of baseball, had fun, learned about being part of a team and teamwork, and developed a love of the game

great season rivercats!

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