PinterTEST Kitchen

last year my friend jessica came up with a great idea called pinterTEST kitchen.
pinterTEST kitchen encourages people to stop just pinning but actually start doing.
i love that it gives me the motivation to look through my boards and try something.

i haven't been great about documenting with photos or posts on what i've been doing but since its the first anniversary of pinterTEST kitchen and jess is doing an awesome giveaway, i scoured my photos to see if i had any pins documented.  i had a few pic and a few other things that we've tried but i forgot to take a picture.

here's a quick review of some things that were hits in the past few months around here:

fruit salsa: so so yummy!
we ate it on homemade cinnamon/sugar chips
its a perfect refreshing summer treat

the recipe called for chocolate chips and toffee bits, but i substituted white chocolate chips for regular chocolate chips. i loved the combination.  

butterfinger pie: super super easy
3 ingredients plus the crust
i made this for a going away party and i got to scrape the bottom of the pan
from what i tasted it was good :o)

star braid for 4th of july: morgan did mauryn's hair
the directions were easy to follow
it was a fun, cute style for the 4th

broccoli and rice cups: i made these into a meal rather than a side
i had some chicken to use up and added it in
i also doubled the recipe since it was going to be dinner
my children who don't like broccoli complained but everyone else liked them

pb banana bites: i am not a huge fan of bananas but i love peanut butter and chocolate {more pb than chocolate}. i thought these would be a great quick snack.
i didn't love the frozen banana.  i snacked a few as i was making them and liked them in the prefrozen state better than frozen.  if you like frozen bananas, then you would probably love these.

check out jess's blog and see what other pins people have tried this month!  i love getting new ideas and seeing what has or hasn't worked for people.


Jessica Johnson said...

you DEFINITELY win the prize for most pins tried. On fire, girl. And I want Butterfinger pie for breakfast. And Snickerdoodles. And everything else. Thanks for linking up, friend! Miss you!

{cuppakim} said...

hot diggity. sooo many good pins.
i want all of them. butterfinger pie. YES. ship that please.

Mindy said...

Nice doing! Will check into the broccoli and rice cups- anything with muffin sized food is right up my family's alley!