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fall decided to arrive this week
our mornings have been quite chilly
we start our school days in sweats and snuggled in blankets
yesterday we even turned on the fireplace for a bit 
i am loving these cooler mornings

its time to break out the jeans and sweatshirts
mornings with a cup of hot tea
soup is back on the menu
we had cream of potato this week... yummy!!!

 you know what happens when your phone is locked
you get photos bombed by your tween soon to be teen

 again and 

these little photo sessions are clogging up my photo stream
they definitely make me laugh and bring a smile to my face
crazy kid!!!

 i made a trip to the library last week
i think i got a little over zealous in my book collecting
i found a few on my fall reading list, books by some authors on my fall reading list
i couldn't help grabbing what i could find on the shelves
i forget school is in session and there isn't as much time to read
we'll see how many i can get tackled in the next few weeks
always so many books and so little time

 the little lady had a stomach ache on friday night
she thought she was going to be sick
whenever my kids think they have the flu i make a bed in the bathroom
it makes clean up so much easier if they get sick
thankfully she fell asleep quickly and slept through the night
phew! dodged the flu bullet..... for now

 sometimes its hard to put aside my daily to do list
i can get focused and wrapped up in the laundry, cleaning, and meal prepping
the other day the sun was shining, it was a perfect fall day
mauryn wanted to go to the park
i laid down the vaccumm, changed out of my pi's, and we headed to the park
it was so worth it to trade my to do list for her to do list

ugh ugh ugh!
burpees have been part of my daily workout for a few months
landon wanted to join in on the daily torture burpees
he asks every day how many i did
then he proceeds to do more than me
this is one contest i am totally fine with letting him win

 i am joining in with marta to run/walk 41 miles in october
she's been putting together challenges all summer
it was the june challenge that got me going and upped my miles
i use nike+ when i run inside at the gym
i love that the new upgrade keeps a running tally of miles
i only need to add in my saturday runs
thanks marta!

 i received this mug as a gift from my fellow homeschool moms
i love it
its so pretty
i love the verse... something great to meditate on while i sip my tea in the mornings

these were morgan's hands yesterday after practice
she ripped and got blood blisters
the life of a gymnast
battle wounds of a hard/good bar workout
at least she'll have the weekend to let her hands heal a little bit

how was your week?
what's on your agenda for the weekend?
we have landon's football game, a birthday party, BSU game to watch,
and our biggest task is getting everyone outfitted for my brothers wedding in two weeks {EEK!}
the two little kids are done
morgan and i will head out tonight maybe to try to find her a dress
sometime this weekend we'll get lance's outfit complete
me... not sure.
i have a dress i can wear that i like and fits well
i've worn it to quite a few weddings so i feel like i should update and get something new
we'll see... i might look around a bit when i am out with morgan at least i know i have a plan B

enjoy your weekend!

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Craig, Michelle and kids said...

Thanks for sharing... I love fall too. We are having soup tonight!