Ice Cream Party

a few months ago we were at joann's and they were clearing out their summer stuff.
they had some plastic ice cream bowls in green and pink.
mauryn loved them and thought they would be perfect for an ice cream birthday party
{of course she is my child and had her theme picked out like 4 months in advance}

so we picked up the ice cream cups on clearance and put them in the cupboard.

fast forward a few months and its time to start planning the party
we head off to pick out paper for mauryn's invitations, instead of just pink and green she wanted purple and blue too.

so my plan for her party colors changed a bit. 
{i was fine with that as we did pink and green last year}

the invitations were based off a stickers she picked to put on the envelopes
 they were super easy to make {thank you cricut}
it turned out cute
{all party info was on the back}

after the change in colors i struggled a bit with where to go with decorations for the party
i searched on line and didn't really find anything that i loved

i decided to just use the colors of her invitations as the inspiration behind her decorations
we went with all things green, pink, blue, and purple

since i couldn't find a table cloth that i liked, i decided to make a table runner using fabrics in the colors of her party.
i got a white vinyl table cloth and then added the table runner

i found colored sixlets candies at our party store
i put them in stemless wine glasses along the table
 since i couldn't find cups or bowls i liked either i bought some parfait cups {thank you target for saving the day}
i tied scraps of the fabric from the table runner on the bottoms of the cups to bring in some color
i used the empty frappuccino bottles that i had used that the cookies and milk shower for their drinks and just added matching paper straws
i found spoons and napkins in the coordinating colors

the morning of the party i decided we needed something hanging from the lights besides streamers
i had found an idea somewhere on line where you make ice cream cones from paper and balloons
i quickly whipped these up and hung them from the lights
i didn't have a ton of time to fuss with the perfect cone but the kids didn't care and they served their purpose

i used the same fabrics from the table runner to make a bunting for over our patio doors
then i begged pleaded asked lance if he would build an ice cream stand
i found this one online that i feel in love with immediately
he was willing to take my crazy only so far
so we compromised
he built a super cute ice cream stand that can fold flat and hang in the garage and not take up more space. genius idea!
we had extra turquoise paint from when we painted our laundry room so we used that to paint the base of the ice cream stand
i wanted the top to be in chalkboard paint so that we could use it for other things, like a lemonade stand in the summer
since the ice cream stand wouldn't have wood in the front, i quickly sewed a skirt to go on it using the same material from the table runner and bunting
i am in love with how the ice cream stand turned out!
i had all the kids stand in the ice cream stand at the start of the party and took their pictures to use as the thank you cards from mauryn

a party wouldn't be a party without a few games
as we waited for everyone to arrive the girls colored soda jerk hats which they wore in their pictures in the ice cream stand 

once everyone arrived we played a few games
- pin the cherry on the ice cream sundae {sundae courtesy of my hubby who has way better art skills than i do}
- ice cream cone bowling {this is WAY harder than it looks}
- ice cream cone relays
- a piƱata {i am not a fan but my baby really wanted one this year so i caved}

mauryn requested no cake, just the ice cream sundaes
i found this idea on pinterest - scoop up the ice cream ahead of time
i scooped up ice cream earlier in the week, froze them and put them in freezer bags once they were frozen
when it was time to eat i set them out on my cake stand
it was so easy to get the kids served and through the line quickly

the ice cream shop served as our holding spot for all the toppings
 for toppings we had:
hot fudge
whipped topping
m & m's
gummy bears
crushed oreos
chocolate chips
brownie bits
cookie chunks
{we also had sprinkles but they accidentally got left on the counter}

for drinks we had mauryn's favorite - chocolate milk. i also tried to bring in drinks that were the color of the party so we had pink lemonade, a blue berry drink, and a grape drink.

for the goodie bags i found the idea for the ice cream containers here
i ordered the small containers but i wish i would have ordered the taller ones... oh well
i tied ribbons and spoons in colors to match the party theme around the containers
we filled the containers with ice cream cone shaped candy, ice cream shaped lip gloss, and an ice cream cone magnet

we had a few things that didn't fit in the container: an ice cream cone popper toy, ice cream shaped cards, and another lip gloss. i had found these lip gloss in ice creamy flavors before i found the ice cream cone shaped lip gloss but what little girl doesn't love lip gloss so we gave them both!

overall it was a success and a fairly easy party to put together.
i think the birthday girl had a great time!


{cuppakim} said...

I LOVE this party. You really went for it in all of the details. Totally doable! And YUMMY!

I LOVE ice cream topping bar.

Your favors in the ice cream cups are adorable and so clever! FUN - you can host my 31st party - i am gonna have a baskin robbins/31 flavors ice cream party too :)

Cori H. said...

What a great idea for a birthday party! Sounds like it went great!

Valerie Berg said...

Yep, you are the birthday planning queen. You make other moms look bad! :) And, I can't wait to see all the family photos! I see them emerging!

Susan said...

You put me to shame. Such a cute idea

Renee said...

I was reading this thinking "Wow! Wow...wow!" You're amazing, Kristen. All the details...the thought and heart that went into this party...how special! I hope Mauryn has a wonderful year being 5. : ) Love the shirt she's wearing too...again...details! ;)

Lynn said...

FABULOUS! I wanted to have an ice cream themed party for one of Adeline's birthdays....in February. I couldn't find ANYTHING to go with the theme.....not even cheap stickers to give as favors. I guess it was the wrong time of year. This gives me some great ideas for a future party though! ;o)

Simply Sara said...

i am lovin' this.

and totally pinning it :)

you are such a great mama. i am sure mauryn felt SO special!

love you and your gift in hosting such awesome parties!


Simply Sara said...

p.s LOVE your new family pictures!