{catching up} mauryn learns to ride without training wheels

for two years this little lady was totally content to ride her trike
she would ride up and down the sidewalk cruising along 
then at the end of last summer we came home from  landon's football practice to find our neighbor cooper working on riding his bike without training wheels

up until that day, mauryn had hardly even touched her bike with the training wheels
as soon as she saw cooper she was determined to learn to ride her bike
she did great
it took her about 5 minutes and she had it all figured out
she was so excited to cruise up and down the street

morgan was following her and caught her on video on my phone
we live on a fairly quiet street so cooper and mauryn were riding their bikes on the street
usually they are only allowed to ride on the sidewalk but since they were both learning and riding at the same time we let them go on the street
there may have been a minute of panic when a car came up the street 
mauryn did great and has been cruising on two wheels ever since

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Kimberlee said...

Milestones like this are thee best!!!!