PinterTest Kitchen #2

its not secret the i love to bake.
spending time in my kitchen is therapy.
if things are crazy or stressed, i bake.
even with little people in the kitchen helping me, this relaxes me.
creating food and feeding people bring me joy.

i tend to stick with my old stand bys.
in the last month or so i have had the opportunity to deliver meals to a few families and this gave me the opportunity to pour over my pinterest pins and try some new recipes.
{with the old faithfuls as back up in case we had a fail :o) }

first up: cake batter blondies
i love me a good blondie.  these bars did not disappoint.
they were so yummy.
they were quick and easy = bonus points.

oh my word this cake was delicious!
i think it tasted more like a coffee cake than a cinnamon roll but it was soo good.
this was another quick and easy recipe.
a definite keeper.

we had a football party to attend one weekend and i was to bring dessert stuff.
i had been eyeing this cookie dough dip for weeks.
 this was a. to the mazing!
oh my word.
i really didn't want to share it with anyone.
it was so so good.
the toffee bits are the perfect surprise in the dip.
this is a definite keeper and one of my new favorite things.

i also made monster cookie bars to bring to the party.
 they were a fail and didn't make it out of the kitchen.
{thankfully i had a back up plan :o) }
i may try them again and cook them for a shorter amount of time as they were really dry.
we will see i am pretty partial to a monster cookie.

i did one crafty project this month.
i've been working on prepping for mauryn's birthday party.
 i knew i wanted to make a bunting for over our patio doors in the kitchen.
i also knew the project would go smoothly if i had a tutorial.
this tutorial was easy to follow with a  cute little bunting completed in no time.
thank you pinterest!
i can't wait to hang it up next week for her party!!!

are you on pinterest? {if your not go right now and sign up}
  have you tried any of your pins? success or failure?

i am linking up with my friend jessica who had the inspiration to start pinterTest kitchen.  thanks jess for getting me doing instead of just pinning!
i am having so much fun!


Janelle said...

Haven't had a flop yet! Those recipes sound wonderful! I've been making the choc chip cheeseball for years. Hands down favorite!

Jessica Johnson said...

YOU are a. to the mazing! Linking up 5 things! I've been eyeing those blondies for a while now. And that cinnamon roll cake?? YUM. Oh and speaking of roll... it's your turn! Miss you!

{cuppakim} said...

i adore your fabric for that bunting! too cute.
can you make me one? please and thank you.

love all your sweet choices.
its a good thing i'm not your neighbor.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

You go girl & your 5 pins!!! Way to go! That cinnamon roll cake is calling my name. YUM!

SnoWhite said...

These all look so good! I love to bake desserts -- these have given me some inspiration. I see your MN attire in the header photo... do your hearts have a connection to MN?

formerly known as emj said...

Oh man overachiever, can you send some of the yu,,ies our way :)