i am {blank} because....

i am weird because....
my house has to be spotless before i can leave on a trip
i love sonic fountain soda for the ice. i love the ice.
i am not a touchy feely huggy person except with my kids.
i do NOT like to cuddle when i sleep or watch a movie.
i take showers so hot i am pink when i get out.
i never sleep without my b.ra on.{tmi, maybe but people think its weird}
i generally sleep in my workout clothes so i can hop out of bed and get to it.
i never go anywhere without my water bottle
i do NOT like talking on my cell phone
i am a homebody. i don't like being away from my house for more than a few days or i start getting antsy even if i am having the best time.
i have hopped in the car, driven hundreds of miles with my kids to meet friends that i met through blogging
i vacuum the main level of my house almost daily
i homeschool my kids
i spend more time and money on my kids clothes than my own
i do NOT like having my picture taken
i like the idea of having a dog{s}. usually i just want to give them away but i'd be sad if they weren't here.
i absolutely love naps
i am way to serious
i am a planner and don't deal well with spontaneous plans

i am a bad friend because.....
i don't call often enough
i let the busyness of life and my to do list get in the way of spending time with friends
i would rather email, text, hey tell than talk on the phone
i don't let them know often enough how much i love and appreciate them

i am a good friend because....
i am a good listener
i make them treats
i remember important things
i am always willing to help out
i love and care for their families
i give good gifts {gifts are my love language}
i am their biggest fan
i am supportive

i am sad because.....
i often let my to do list drive my day
mommy guilt
i always feed like i am behind
there isn't enough time in the day
i need to lose 10 lbs
i need to get into a better morning/evening routine
i am so far behind on blogging that i feel overwhelmed. i have so many posts from summer to get up. since this is our family scrapbook i want to get them posted.
i don't give myself grace often enough

i am happy because....
we are on thanksgiving break.... one week of no school. yes!
i get to go on a run today
i can go to the grocery store and not feel stress buying food for our family
i have so much to be thankful for every day
we don't have anything on our calendar tonight
we will spend thanksgiving at our neighbors house. they are our family away from home. so thankful for them.
i am reading a good book

i am excited because.....
i will decorate for christmas this weekend
i will start the christmas music playing
my christmas shopping is done and my gifts are wrapped so i can focus on my family during christmas
we will start our advent activities next week
i am going to ignore my to do list this afternoon and snuggle with my kiddos
i might get a nap
i get to take my boy on a date this weekend to the boise state football game

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Simply Sara said...

you are one of my favorite people.
i can't wait to drive hours to see you in person... but watch out i'll probably hug you- BIG TIME :O)

i am thankful for YOU.
wishing you the most wonderful thanksgiving with your friends and family.

love and miss ya!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love this post! I hate spontaneous plans too - hate, hate them!


Denise said...

you hug me. there is safety and home in our hug.

remember we cuddled on the couch this summer. i knew you felt awkward, but we are such good friends that we must cross over to cuddling.

did julie instag.ram the pic of me sharing your cookies? the ones i waited to open until we were in the new house? i had to christen the new place with them (can't let the white house have all the cookie fun).

you look so pretty in that picture. so pretty.

you DO NOT need to lose 10lbs. i'm serious. you should look at yourself with my eyes.

you are not a bad friend. nu uh!

i like weird people...especially people who vacuum everyday and who have a spotless house before they leave for vacay. seriously, the house HAS to say "welcome home" when you return.

i love you.

i am THANKFUL for you my dear friend!

hannah singer said...

um, our weirds are the same. except for the bra thing. bras are the devil.

i'm happy i've met you!