To Mauryn on your 5th Birthday

Dear Mauryn,

I have been telling you for at least six months that I didn't want you to turn five!  It's true.  Five seems so big.  I wanted to keep you little since you are my baby. It makes my heart a little sad that you are getting so big.  You will start kindergarten next fall.  I can't believe it!

You didn't like the idea of staying four.  You were ready to be five. So so ready!

You bring so much light into our family.  You are silly and make us laugh every day.  The other day you told your dad "I am funny and I know it."  

You are a performer. You are constantly dancing and singing.  You don't necessarily sing songs anyone knows, you blend every song you know into your own song.  You are full of drama and keep us hopping.  

I love that you have a tender heart for others.  You notice when someones feelings are hurt or if someone is scared or nervous and you comfort them.  You are the greeter in your class at church.  You welcome everyone into the class.  If there is a visitor you are one of the first to greet the new person and make them feel comfortable.  

You have  BIG personality.   What you lack in stature you make up for in personality.  You are so full of life and others are drawn to you.  

You are the best hug giver.  You still like to snuggle after your naps {which you think you don't need but you fall asleep almost every single day}.  

You are independent.  You are a leader.  You beat to the tune of your own drummer.

I love you little sassy.  I am proud to be your mommy. I can't wait to see the plans God has for you.

Happy 5th Birthday baby girl!


sarah said...

i love that picture of mauryn. it makes her look so grown up.

{cuppakim} said...

happy whole handed birthday to mauryn! :)

she sounds like a total sweetheart. you are raising her well! :)

Susan said...

So fun to have a little firecracker. Happy birthday sweet five year old. ;)

hannah singer said...

so precious. what a sweet post!
i can't even think about five!!
elijah is soon three and i can't handle it:(

love you!

Lynn said...

When did she get so big?!? I think her personality sounds like Camille's. Maybe it's because they are both second girls. Anyway, I think BOTH my girls would have a BLAST with her! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Simply Sara said...

oh my. she just looks too grown up.
what a little sweetheart!

i know that her and abby are going to get along so well. they are both a little crazy and sassy and full of drama...i can just imagine the adventures they'll have together :)