To Morgan, On Your 12th Birthday

Dear Morgan,

It's your golden birthday!  

It amazes me how quickly time is passing by.  It just doesn't seem possible that it's been 12 years since you were born.  You are only one year away from becoming at teenager.  AAH!

I know that these next few years are going to be a roller coaster.  I am pretty sure there will be a few eye rolls, some back talk, and attitude.  Even though disrespect and disobedience will NOT be accepted, I get it.  I get that you are trying to find your way.  I get that you will think I don't really know anything and I probably will embarrass you. It's sort of a right of passage :o)

The teenage years are tough.  I don't envy you navigating through these years.  You are caught in the in-between... a child yet moving toward being more independent and grown up.   

You have always been mature beyond your years.  You  stay out of girl drama {thank the Lord!}.  You are a thinker.  You weigh the pros and cons of situations before making a decision.  Sometimes you think too much but I would rather have you over think than be too impulsive.  You have had some to make some decisions in the last year that have shown your maturity.  I have been so proud of how you have handled those situations and thought through your choices.  

You sometimes like to create drama with your brother and sister and they can get on your nerves but you have a tender spot for both of them.  You are a great big sister showing them love and kindness.

You are a good friend.  You are a good listener. You are kind to others.  You make people feel valued. You are an encourager.  

I love that you love to read and love books as much as I do.  I love that you still enjoy reading chapter books together.  I enjoy those times when we are reading together and talking about the books we read.  I love that we can share that passion.

I love you doodle bug!  I am so proud to be your mama.  I believe in you and can't wait to see the plans God has for you.  I know these next years are going to be an adventure and I look forward to treading the teenage waters with you.  You are a blessing my dear!

Happy 12th Birthday!


{cuppakim} said...

happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, and happy 12 years of being a mama to you! :)

Susan said...

Beautiful girl. Inside and out

hannah singer said...

happy birthday!! love the ice cream party theme, perfect! xo

Renee said...

This was beautiful Kristen. So well written. And what a gorgeous girl. Happy 12th birthday Mauryn!

Renee said...

Oops...just commented on your post about Mauryn's party. I meant...Happy 12th Birthday Morgan!

Lynn said...

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday Morgan!

Simply Sara said...

words that i am certain she will look back on and treasure.

you are beautiful...and i want to steal your cute top :-)