Insta Joys: i am so far behind and need to catch up edition

this is the oh my word i haven't posted any insta joys since october and its almost november post.

lots of pictures.
lots of catching up.
 mauryn doing her homework before our trip to the american girl store

 i read 99% of the time on my iPad
i was at the library the other day and they had some books i was interested in reading
so i checked them out 
it was nice to have a real {free} book in my hands for a bit
i still love reading on my iPad 
i am just waiting patiently for my library to start having ebooks available
 i ordered this wand from lisa leonard for mauryn for christmas
she is going to LOVE it
i may have done a little happy dance when it came in the mail
it is so stinking cute
 a little fire
a little hot chocolate
the perfect warm up after a night of trick or treating 
{told you i was behind}

 cutie in skeleton pjs warming up on the vent
smart cookie er i mean skeleton

 i am reading this with the kids in the morning for our devotional
we are all LOVING it

a little game of monopoly jr
the little man was dominating all of us

 have you had these? 
they are no trader joes peppermint joe joes 
but since i don't have a trader joes these will have to do

her birthday breakfast of choice.... a pancake in the shape of a 5
 catching up on the happy day project
{a post on that coming soon}
 tea party anyone
the art on the go tray has many purposes
 she's positive she does NOT need a nap
she still falls asleep almost every day
i love how she fell asleep on this day
 the monster cat loves bags
if there is a bag on the ground he finds it and camps out on it

instead of a big party this year, morgan decided to spend the day with a friend
we went to lunch at the olive garden and then went for manicures and pedicures
it was such a fun afternoon
and the perfect way to celebrate morgan
 sunday nights = lesson planning
working on making words lessons for landon
reminds me of my classroom teaching days

 my little fishy
we spent two days last week at the pool at our rec center
i NEED to make an effort to do this more often
the kids love it and it is a perfect burn some energy in the winter activity

 kids at their dental check ups = 30 minutes of reading for mama
i look forward to their dental check ups now

 winter jacket and flip flop.... that's how she rolls
 sweet breaking dawn swag from the awesome erin
if i couldn't be at her party at least i was their in spirit :o)
 big night thursday night: denver broncos game
they won 
i had two very very happy boys in my house
 waiting in line to get into the theater for breaking dawn
i was a little disappointed
usually there is really good people watching on premiere night
not so much this year

popcorn and soda
let the movie begin! 

the text conversation i had with morgan while waiting in line

 when i go back home there is one place on my list of must do
culvers frozen custard
i lovey love love it
i always always always get a hot fudge sundae
i heart hot fudge sundaes

 we went bowling one night while i was home
my baby brother came back in the last frame to beat me by one pin
its just wrong

 mauryn loves her uncle dave
he's so good to her

she is such a goofball
she collected my nieces empty shot gun shells and decided to be mauryn shell hands

there you have it.  weeks upon weeks of insta catch up.

what have you been up to lately??

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Denise said...

yeah for catching up!

a friend of mine filled me on on the twilight movies/books the other day. i almost wet myself laughing 9(don't hate me).

i like seeing your brother. your people. share more!

hannah singer said...

cute kiddos, always.
i can't wait to read kisses from katie!
and holla for culver's custard. heavenly.

love you!!

It's a Crafty Life said...

Lots of awesome pictures. And I must find those peppermint oreos immediately. :-)

Linda Z said...

You are such a fun family!! Love the birthday pancake and the wand... oh, I need a girl so I can buy a wand! :)