Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

this week i had the pleasure of hosting a shower for two friends and their new babies.
one of my friends had moved away and was in town visiting family.
the shower would be the perfect opportunity for her to get to see many of her friends and introduce them to the newest member of their family.

knowing that people would want time to visit and catch up, i set up the shower to be a drop in/open house event.
there would be no:
 fancy food or drinks
order to the party

as i was trying to decide on a theme i wanted something where the food and drinks could be set out for the duration of the party and i wanted something easy.

after searching the internet, i decided on a milk and cookies theme.

it fit my criteria perfectly simple and easy.

the set up:

the food:
left: scotcheroos and white chocolate bars
middle: chocolate chip cookies
right: whoopie pies

left: chocolate dipped oreos
right: oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies

the decorations:
small bottles which held drinks {1% milk, 2% milk, mocha frappucino, a coffee/vanilla mix frappucino}
sign over the table made with the cricuit that said got cookies
vintage soda crate with empty frappucino bottles 
a can that looked like an old milk can to hold the balloons

a very easy and fun shower to host!
the only negative.... the extra cookies that i need to get out of my house before i eat them all :o)


Simply Sara said...

i want to reach into my screen and grab a sampling of all those tasty treats!

i am so doing a milk and cookie theme for the next baby shower i host :)

and i am totally dying over that old pepsi crate. i LOVE it! i have been searching and searching for one to use as a photo prop!

can't wait for next summer.
i totally want to bake with you!!!

Susan said...

mmm hoping the cookies arrive here tomorrow. Yummy those look SO SO good

{cuppakim} said...

this is pure lovelieness.

Alana said...

AWESOME! I wish I could have been there...YUM.

Unknown said...

Kristen, what a blessing you are to each and every one of us that has been gifted with the treat of knowing you in this life! Thank you so much for your Joy, Creativity, Laughter, Smiles, Generosity and pure Radiance! I am soooooo glad that I got to be there! You are terrific and I think you are just a gem of a gal...love you!

Janelle said...

If I have another baby, will you give me a shower?