Insta Joys

i had great intentions of posting my pictures last week.
then summer fun got in the way {again} and here we are a week later with a post filled with pictures of the joys and happenings in our life over the past weeks.

 mauryn has decided to have an ice cream theme for her birthday party.
which is in november.
 i am so thankful i have a child who is a planner.
this is proof she is my child even though she looks like her father.
we are picking up all manner of ice cream related things for her fall birthday party at discounted prices.

 an ulta opened close to our house.
the girls and i stopped in there one evening and it happened to be their grand opening.
we picked up a rainbow of nail polish colors for $10.
we came home and had an at home mani/pedi party.

 we love spending hot days at the water park.
my two little ones love to sun bathe after spending time in the pool.

 this little lady loves to paint.
she loves rocks.
i let her paint her rocks.
she thought it was the best day ever.

 this is my yoga partner.
she might be way more flexible and coordinated than her mother.
my mom sent her the dress she is wearing.
 she would wear it every single day if i didn't it hide it  so she could give her other clothes a chance.

 landon thought painting rocks looked like fund so he joined in on the fun

 my friend jeni gave me a gift card to a new yogurt place for my birthday
the kids and i had yogurt for lunch
i love summer where having yogurt for lunch is perfectly acceptable
 target dollar section you stole my heart again
colored beads + yarn = an hour of entertainment for my little people

 more sprinkler fun
this has been worth all $15 worth of materials and then some
best idea EVER

 post nap snuggles with my baby
 we spent an afternoon making homemade sidewalk chalk

 upside down goggles
ariel in her hand
this is how my girl rolls
 giant hawiian ice at the water park
yes please
strawberry and pineapple is my favorite combo right now

 hello lovely jo totes camera bag
i am in love with purple right now
the biggest surprise when i got my camera bag... i was looking over my receipt and it was shipped from right here in my town. how did i not know this??
an entire 6 hours in my house by myself
 more water park fun
this little lady is getting so brave... no hands!
 prepping for a milk and cookies baby shower

 morgan was at gymnastics camp
landon was at warrior camp 2011
mauryn and i had a lunch date
 our homemade chalk was finally dry
mauryn could hardly wait to test it out
it worked perfect
 my sidewalk and driveway are proof of that fact
 we spent last saturday night downtown boise with the kids
outdoor eating and kid friendly
thanks five guys!
 after dinner we met up with our neighbors to watch the twilight criterium bike race
the kids loved cheering on the bikers, clicking their little clickers {which conveniently have been lost}, and the glow sticks
 it didn't take landon long to do one of his favorite things... climbing a tree
it was the perfect spot to watch the race
 the mister just relaxing in the car

 landon finally got brave enough to try the drop off slide
he loved it!

 kid book shelves finally finished and installed

 round one on cookies for the baby shower
i had a hard time keeping my little fingers off of these babies

 school room is almost ready
which means summer is almost over
 the mister all cowboyed up for the rodeo
i am pretty sure he is one of the cutest cowboys i have ever seen

 all ready for the milk and cookies shower
 another new yogurt place opened near our house
we had a groupon so that gave us an excuse on a random night to visit with our wonderful friends/neighbors
it was super yummy!
 we had a beach day yesterday
it was perfect
sun was shining, slight breeze, and happy kids
i had no idea this beach was even in our area
after six years of living here this was a find!!
 mauryn's favorite friend, yellowstone the buffalo
she decided yellowstone needed a little makeover
nothing like a buffalo with a flower in her hair

whoever introduced me to pinterest is in trouble!
i haven't even it made it to the website yet
i've just been browsing on my phone when i get a spare second
i am in love with this site
so much creativity, so many beautiful things, so inspiring

how was your week??

i am linking up again with jeannett this week.  
life rearranged


Simply Sara said...

i heart you and your joys.
you inspire me friend

and i'm scared of pinterest.
i don't really know how it all works :)

Jessica Johnson said...

isn't pinterest ridiculous??? i love it. gonna go track you down to follow you... ;)

katie said...

Love all your pics! My husband would love for us to leave southern CA and move to Boise. I don't think I could take the cold winters. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I'll look forward to meeting you at Blog Sugar! : )

Charissa Steyn said...

Looks like FUN!! I love the painted rocks :) What a great idea :) Hehe!

{cuppakim} said...

ok you are a TOP notch instagrammer! I seriously love the way you filter! LOOK at all of that COLOR! :)

And summery yumminess! :)


Alana said...

I always enjoy these posts of yours...Pinterest is both wonderful and evil. :-)

Janelle said...

I am guilty of pinterest, but I bet you are thanking me!!!

I love the milk and cookies shower.

I love fro yo.

I love Jo Totes and am so jealous.

I have never been to Five Guys.

I covet ULTA shopping. They carry Philosophy.

I love instagram.

I love you.

Lynn said...

Haven't heard of pinterest, but since you are guilty of starting most of my other addictions, I'm not sure if I should even check into this one!

Love how much fun you are having, and I love that you are documenting so much of it. I can barely get the swim towels washed and dried (which doesn't even happen every time) let alone write a post about our adventures. You inspire me.