Insta Joys

it's friday!  yipee!!!

it's been a busy week around here.  
our weekend looks pretty full too.
oh summer how i love you but you are wearing me out.

i am linking up again this week with jeannett

here is a little look at our week.

sonic happy hour.
i love you.
.50 slushes for the kids.
1.00 soda for the mama.
perfect treat on a hot afternoon while running errands.

someone was having fun with the sidewalk chalk.
they decided the bricks needed a little make over.
i kind of like it.
for a day.

the weekly weather forecast around here goes something like this: sunny, dry, HOT.
there is rarely a rainy or cloudy day when summer arrives. 
especially when we hit july and august.
we spend a few days a week at the water park thanks to grandma and grandpa who give the kids money for passes each year for christmas.
sometimes while at the water park we will get a treat.
mauryn has a new found love for dippin' dots.
they make me gag.
there is something inherently wrong with little balls of ice cream.
she loves her some dots!
my brother has a harley.
when he came to visit a few winters ago we had to go to the harley store.
landon loved the harley's
so much that our dog is named harley davidson cheney.
my brother sporadically will send landon new harley shirts.
he then will wear it for days on end.
this is his newest shirt.

we have two local theaters that run movies in the summer for cheap.
our "nice" theater runs some older movies for $1 three mornings a week.
our cheap theater runs their current line up of kid movies for .50 on mondays and wednesdays
this was the line up to get in to the movie on monday.
20 minutes before the movie started.
my kids started to panic that they would be sold out. 

we got in!
we had met up with our neighbors for the morning movie.
the boys took in mr. popper's penguins.
the girls saw judy moody and the not bummer summer.
i am wishing we would have gone to mr. popper's penguins. 
i thought judy moody was a bummer!
but hey i only paid $1.50 for the three of us to see it.
another hot day.
took borrowed the neighbors pool and set it up under the swing set.

landon is a daredevil. 
he is always coming up with some new found way to get into the pool
going down the slide is way to easy.
i am still amazed the boy hasn't broken a bone yet.

we had a little bit of a cool down the other morning.
i started my morning with a hot cup of tea.
it was the perfect way to start the day.

while i was sipping tea and having breakfast, this boy was in creation mode
legos how i love you for the few minutes of peace and quiet you bring to my house.
i don't like the little pieces and mess you leave but the trade off is worth it.

this girl loves her a tootsie pop.
it's her treat at her daddy's softball games each week.

lance played on the men's softball team for our church again.
they had a fair season but really started to get into a groove for the playoffs.
they had their last game on tuesday night and took 3rd place.
way to go guys!
it's that time of year again... time to stock up on school supplies.
landon, mauryn and i had a great time browsing the aisles.
i always get a little giddy over new supplies.
not giddy about school starting... i still want summer but i like the excitement of getting the new supplies.

we used these spray bottles and little paint for one of our summer bucket list projects.
it was a hit.
you will have to wait to see the final project until i edit pictures and get my post written :o)

this is what my driveway looked like after our little project.

my clean up crew.
they did a fantastic job.
i think they had almost as much fun cleaning as they did creating.

our dinner one night this week.
chicken taco pizza.
easy peasy.
i am loving my e-mealz.
especially during the summer.
simple, easy, and quick.
just the way i like summer cooking.

life rearranged


OCMom said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (oh for the e-mealz tip) E-mealz has changed my life! How simple and easy! My kids have eaten every single meal also which is a plus! I have gotten so many friends on it too!

Heather said...

Hey Kristen- Love seeing your week in photos!! So fun!! :)

Denise said...

long time no speak.

love your insta-friday.

mr. popper's was a million x better then judy.

the paint mess is freaking this neat freak out.

hope you're all well.

Simply Sara said...

taco pizza. need details.

and hey, what kind of paint did you use? we have that one on our list too :)

i kinda love ya.

your joys bring me joy.

Alana said...

Love your painting idea...how did that work exactly? Looks like FUN!

Linda Z said...

I think maybe I should officially start commenting on your blog after I've watch your comments on Denise's blogs and lurked on yours the past couple years! Your family is so sweet and your simple joys are inspiring! :)