i am just now getting around to writing about our trip to california in MAY.
i did get pictures edited and uploaded onto my blog in JUNE.
it has taken me until the end of JULY to actually get the post written.
looking back i guess this is par for the course with my maycation posts over the last two years.
summer comes and my brain takes a vacation too.

our maycation was a bit different this year:
 - lance took a week off and joined us on our trip this year
- we spent the first part of maycation in san francisco
- it was FREEZING cold
as we were planning maycation and realized we couldn't meet up in bass lake until the monday of memorial day weekend, we decided to take a few days and explore a new city.

we totally feel in LOVE with san francisco.  
we enjoyed a tour of the city where we visited pier 39, fisherman's wharf, ghiardelli chocolate, the golden gate bridge, the painted ladies {from opening scene of full house which my kids watched in the car on our way to ca}, and many other fun sights.  we explored the shops, rode BART {which goes under the water... the kids thought that was great}, and took in a baseball game.  we can't wait to go back!
on our way to bass lake we met up with the jones' and the cheney's for lunch in the park.
lance hadn't seen his cousin sean {lindsey's husband} in 7 years.  we spent a few hours with the cousins catching up.

after lunch we headed down to bass lake to spend the rest of our week.  

we spent the week kayaking, 
learning about balance,
eating cookies {i am not allowed to show up without cookie making supplies ;o0 },
trying s'mores egg rolls {yummy!},
making new friends and making silly faces,
playing in the lake,
sunbathing and catching up with friends,
playing in the sand,
enjoying the view,
resting in the presence of a friend who really knows me and loves me,
going on a boat ride, 
stopping by millers for a fudge bucket, 
seeing how many gumballs you can fit in your mouth, 
getting a picture of michael landon {fans of little house anyone??},
fitting as many kids as we can on a couch for movie night, 
enjoying the quiet in the car from wiped out children,
and of course a stop at in and out burger {love}.
i am so thankful for this week each year.
it is a time to refresh and renew, not only our spirits but our friendships.
i am thankful for this friendship {made through blogging} where we can share and delight in each others lives and families.  
it is truly a gift.


Stacey said...

Love your pics.....love San Fran! When we went to San Diego/LA/Palm Springs we too had to visit an In & Out since we never had....very good! I hope someday we can meet up with you guys somewhere and make memories also!

{cuppakim} said...

fudge bucket. that sounds like SO much fun!!!

those s'more egg rolls sound SO good - denise sent me the link - YUMMMM.

and SF, was FREEEEZING in may...you are SO right. And june. and some of july hahaha.

:) You guys did have a ton of fun!

Janelle said...

I love everything about this! You and Denise look so pretty together!

I love you both!!!

Lynn said...

What a fabulous trip. I'm jealous every year (but also thankful that you have turned your bloggy friendship into a real life one). You are both such amazing, inspiring ladies.

Simply Sara said...

bouncing between jealousy and happiness for you. i love you and denise to pieces...can't wait for fat ranch 2012!!!