The Bucket List - Checking Things Off The First Installment

our crazy days of summer have included checking things off our summer bucket list.

the list had hardly been written on the white board and the kids were clamoring to start checking things off.

one of the first things we did was making a PVC pipe sprinkler.  if you search the internet there are a hundred different ways to build a sprinkler.  we had a plan in mind but landon someone got a little happy with the drill.  there were holes about every inch along the pipe.  needless to say water didn't really want to flow out of the top of our sprinkler.
i returned to home depot to get four more pieces of PVC to rework the bottom of our sprinkler.  the old pieces of PVC pipe with hundreds of little holes did not go to waste.  landon turned those pieces into light sabers and jousting sticks.  
we remade the bottom pieces drilling less holes.  
we set it back up and only about 3/4 of the sprinkler worked.
lance determined we don't have enough water pressure for the sprinkler to work with our original set up.
so we gave the kids the pipes and all the pieces and let them go to work.
they mounted the sprinkler on the swing set and turned the slide into a slip and slide.
after a little bit they disconnected part of it and created a little shower over the slide.
they had the best day.
i learned to let them just go with a project and use their own creativity.  i can give them a general idea but what they come up with is better than what i could have planned.
landon and mauryn both attended an evening vbs program at our neighbors church.  it was a soccer based program. the kids went each night and learned soccer skills, had a time of worship, puppet show, bible message, and then played a soccer game before they went home.
they both really enjoyed it.  the weather was perfect and they were so happy to see their friends from awana.  landon was all about the game and learning new skills. mauryn was more interested in socializing or carrying her ball under her shirt like she was pregnant.
one of the things the kids had on their bucket list was to roll down a hill. 
every time we come to a hill they roll down it.
they giggle and laugh.
the simple pleasures of life.
since june had been unseasonably cool the kids decided it was a great time to have their camp out in the backyard with their dad.  
morgan and landon worked to get the tent set up
while i distracted these two characters by playing a game of fetch,
and mauryn was just hanging around.
once the tent was set up the kids and lance hauled in their entire bedrooms blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, stuffed animals, snacks, and games.  they got cozy, kicked me out, and had a blast sleeping out in the tent.
i had a blast having the bed, tv,  and remote all to myself :o)
more of our summer of crazy fun coming soon.

what have you been checking off your summer to do list??


Valerie Berg said...

Sheesh girl! You've been blogging! Awesome blogs! So fun to share so much of these last 2 weeks with you and all the 'summer fun'! What will we do when school starts up?

Janelle said...

You are amazing! Your family is blessed by your creativity and ENERGY!!!

I want to bottle you up and bring you to my family!

The bucket list is the best thing that happened to summer!

Your family picture ROCKS!!!!! I love that Vera has a prominent spot in the picture. Reason #986534 that we are friends.

Lynn said...

Okay, I'm finally here to catch up on a kazillion posts! What fabulous summer ideas! Love how you combine creativity with just plain fun...especially when it involves being outdoors...just good for the soul.

Simply Sara said...

i am loving mauryn's pointed toes... following in her big sisters footsteps :)

your summer looks so fun so far.
i'm with janelle- can i please bottle you up too?!?!