Dance Recital

this past year both girls took a dance class.  
morgan hadn't taken a dance class since she was 5 but over last summer she had taken a hip hop class with some girls from her gym.  she loved it and wanted to continue it through this past school year. 
morgan enjoyed the class but decided her career is dance is officially over. she definitely feels more comfortable on a 4 inch balance beam than a stage.

this was mauryn's first dance class.  after a bit of a rocky start {this is a child who does not deal with new things very well}, she loved every minute of it. she was constantly dancing around the house, in the store, and pretty much anywhere she went throughout the day.  

the girls had their dance recital the day after we returned from maycation.  
probably not the best planning on our part. it was fine for morgan but after a full week of vacation, a morning dress rehearsal, and a recital that fell during naptime mauryn was beat by performance time.  she did fantastic during the dress rehearsal in the morning but by performance time her fingers were in her mouth and her little body was just dragging. i was just happy she got on stage and danced sans fingers in her mouth.

just a few pictures of the girls at their recital.  

morgan in her performance
morgan dancing with her classmates
miss mauryn in her performance. she made HUGE progress in wanting to even get on stage to perform. it took a few months of prep work before her christmas recital to get her to go on stage so by the time the spring recital came she was ready to get on stage.  i think dance was such a great confidence booster {not that she needed much help in that area} and a way for her to get over her anxiety about trying something new.
her very favorite part... getting to jump and bounce around
mauryn with her teacher the sweet miss jana


{cuppakim} said...

too cute. i LOVED being in dance as a kid. and the recitals were the best. such great memories. glad to see your girls enjoyed it so much!

Janelle said...

That dress is awesome! I want one!

Lynn said...

Look at that cutie pie! We didn't know if Adeline would get on the stage for her recital....she FREAKED out at the dress rehearsal, but she ultimately did get on stage for the recital. So proud.

I love that Morgan tries all kinds of activities. Such a well rounded kid.