The Best Gift Ever

my top two love languages are gifts and acts of service.

today i am receiving a gift that encompasses both of my love languages.
it just might be the best gift ever.
a gift that every mother would love to receive {at least i think so}

it's the gift of time.
an entire day in my house by myself.

last spring i spent two days caring for a friends children while she worked.
i love to be able to help out friends.
she begged made me promise offered to take my kids for two days in exchange.

i never really planned on taking her up on the offer.
it was my pleasure to help out a friend and didn't expect anything in return.
 i knew i would definitely be getting the better end of the deal.  

since i watched my friends girls, she has been reminding me that she owes me two days and to get my calendar out.  i hadn't committed to any days so she would text me to remind me. 

 i finally decided i should take her up on her offer.
today is the first day.
here is what is on my to do list:
- sewing projects
- catching up on my blog posts
- set our school calendar
- start some school planning
- reading
- watching plenty of shows/movies on tivo while i work
 - take a nap
what would you do if you had a day to yourself?
what would be one of the best gifts you could receive?


jhoward_120509 said...

oh goodness. lucky you!!!
two entire days.
read, craft, nap, movies, lay out, sew, clean!
enjoy your you time!


sarah said...

that sounds fantastic. i was just thinking all the things i could accomplish if meals, naps, diapers and mischief didnt interrupt! :)

Simply Sara said...

two entire days to yourself- heaven!
your plans for the day sound so wonderful. i hope you are enjoying it so far! i would definitely include a nap in my day too!

my cousin and i swap morning every so often. it's amazing how much i enjoy grocery shopping without 4 crazies tagging along when she has my kiddos :)

have a beautiful day my friend!

Alana said...

Oooh! Those are THE BEST days! I always have a hard time deciding what to do, though!

Lynn said...

Patrick took the girls to their first movie this week, and I almost got the whole house cleaned in the two hours they were gone....what a great start to my week!