Warrior Camp

While I sat in church on Sunday this past summer I was looking through the bulletin when a brochure caught my eye.  It was an advertisement for a warrior camp that would be held at our church.  As I read the description of the camp, I knew Landon would love this experience.  I could just picture him participating in the relays, games, and "battles".  When I read to the bottom of the brochure it stated that the camp was for boys in grades 4-8.  I was disappointed that Landon wouldn't be able to participate yet but knew he would in the future.

A few weeks later I received a phone call from a friend asking if Landon would like to attend warrior camp as a buddy for her younger son.  Her older son was going to camp and they were allowing her younger son to go if he had someone his age to buddy with for activities.

We signed Landon up for camp with a little hesitation knowing he would be the youngest person at camp.  A few of the teens from our small group were helping at camp so knowing they would look out for Landon put our minds at ease.

The day of camp arrived and Landon was up early with his bag packed ready to take on the day.  The camp started at 10 am and would go until 9 pm.  I figured Landon would be worn out and we would get him from camp around dinner time.  Each time I sent a text to one of our teens to see how Landon was doing the message was the same, he is fine and having a great time.  Landon stayed the entire day and was completely exhausted  energized when he got home that night.  Months later, Landon is still talking about his experiences at warrior camp.

The days activities included: opening ceremonies, tug of war, building their own sword {using pool noodles} and then using them in battle games, ice block sprint, uphill climb in scuba gear, slime filled slip and slide, running the gauntlet of noodles, and building castles and then trying to knock them down with balloon launchers.  A day filled with non stop boy activities... a little boys dream day.
Warrior camp wasn't just about the fun and the games, they also challenged each warrior to grow into a man after God's own heart.  The warrior themes at camp were honor, courage, and commitment to God.    The boys were asked to make a commitment to God and write it on two bricks.  One brick was left at church and one brick was taken home.  Besides bringing home his swords and the battles, Landon was the most excited about his brick.  It sits on his dresser as a reminder of his time at camp.
Thanks Derek and all the warrior camp staff.  This was a day Landon will never forget!


Denise said...

This is so John Eldredge, "Wild at Heart."
I once read (J.E.'s words) that we sing "I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery, I may never soar over the enemy, but I'm in the Lord's army," AND that we shouldn't sing "I may never, BUT instead "I WILL."
We should be shaping warriors for God's kingdom. Preparing them for battle (to fight for their wives, children, community, lives).

Warrior Camp has my thumbs up!

Warrior Camp said...

Wow. So good and encouraging! We definitely serve a God who does big things. Thanks so much for letting him come. He has a lotta heart, and we look forward to having him at Warrior Camp 2011!

Alana said...

Love it! Every little boy's dream for sure!

Simply Sara said...

can totally see what you were talking about! what an amazing opportunity for him to be a part of, plus i'm sure it made him feel extra special being the youngest one there.

love it!

maybe we should come to idaho for warrior camp 2011....