Sew Easy Projects

Almost two years ago I began a little love affair with my sewing machine.

I am pretty sure that after two years I could still not follow a pattern.


The internet is full of wonderful tutorials that include pictures and step by step instructions which are perfect for a visual leaner like me.

If I can create any of these projects, so can you! They are really sew {:op} easy.

- the zippered pouch.  this has been my go to gift lately.  they are perfect for morgan's friends filled with nail polish or lip gloss or even a gift card.  my kids like to use them to house their toys.

and to keep their money.  
- applique blanket.  i found this blanket in the grocery store of all places... so pretty and soft. morgan was sending it to her pen pal for Christmas so we picked some fabric and added her first initial. 
- superhero cape. a few years ago i sent lindsey an email asking if she would make landon a cape for his birthday.  she responded that they were so easy she would tell me how to make them. at that point i didn't have a sewing machine and even if i did i thought there was no way i could ever make a cape.  they are easy, fun, and my go to gift for little boys.
- pocket tissue holder. perfect to throw into a gift or keep in your purse for yourself
- one word canvas. morgan chose this for her dance teacher's gift. she picked the fabrics, which i thought were a little busy but i think it works. simple.
- composition notebook cover. i have had this project bookmarked forever.  i had notebooks i picked up from target sitting on my shelf waiting to be covered.  one day over break i dug through my fabric to see if i had any big scraps and tried to make the notebook cover.  it was fairly easy and plain... nothing fancy. i put it on my shelf. morgan got invited to a birthday party last minute so i added her initial to the front and a pocket for pens on the inside.  i threw together a zippered pouch to match with more pens and a little chapstick.
- headbands. i can't find a picture of just the headband but i have one of mauryn wearing her headband.  these are really really easy. the hardest part... turning them inside out. i have a pile of them ready to be finished but i am dreading turning them. ugh!  these have been so fun and the perfect gift for morgan's friends.

My stitches aren't always straight,  my projects don't look perfect, and things might be uneven but the gifts have been created with love and a joy of creating.


Kara Franklin said...

I love your sewing projects - makes me want a sewing machine.

Janelle said...

Look at you!!! I have a friend that i pay to make me cute things like that. I should really take the time to do it myself.

Stacey said...

Let me just tell you (in case we haven't enough already) the blanket is so stinking cute and so soft! Anna went to spend the night at a friend's tonight and brought that with a pillow instead of messing with a sleeping bag....it is awesome!

I know you say these projects are easy and that anyone can do them if you can, but I don't think you know me well enough....you are awesome at these crafty things and I don't think I could ever stack up to your skills - great job!

Susan said...

I hadn't even read this before I sent you the note longing for a sewing machine...now fill me in on the one you have. And it has been 25 years since I used one..yep we are old

Valerie Berg said...

I love how I have to read your blog to know what you've been up to! LOL! Anyways....now I really know why I never see you. And I thought my aprons were over the top (for me they are) - you are a sewing QUEEN! Nice work and yeah, not sure I'll ever take on that many (but I know who to call if I need one)!

Simply Sara said...

my sewing machine has been gathering dust for much too long... thanks for the inspiration to pull it out again :)

that blanket is adorable! and i'm thinking a few one word canvas' are going on my list too!