Finding Joy - Week 2

The joys:
* a fireplace on a rainy morning
 * a hot cup of tea
 * a morning spent in pajamas building with blocks
 * little girl braids 
* little girl non sense songs
 * landon quietly creating while waiting for his sister to finish practice
 * a diligent student
 * a son who serves his little sister without asking.... making her breakfast, helping her get her shoes on, and buckling her in her car seat.
* my friend jeni's son sawyer... seriously how can you not find joy in this sweet smiling face.  i can't help but smile every time i see him.
 * mauryn swinging on the bar and practicing her gymnastics moves during her sisters meet. my first reaction was to say no BUT she wasn't bothering anyone or in the way and she was so happy so i said yes.
 * morgan overcoming nerves and fear... her joy at having a successful first meet
 * valentines day banner
 * subway art sign created for less than $5 {want one... go here to download it}
 * my two littles {and neighbor Amiah} loving AWANA.  it is a highlight of their week. i love hearing them sing their songs and say their memory work
* the wonderful support and comments i received after these posts ... you are all wonderful and i feel blessed to have you in my life either through the internet or in real life
* monthly monday get togethers with other homeschool moms ... it is always a wonderful time of fellowship, encouragement, support, and laughter

you can find week one here.


Jeni said...

I forgot to tell you last night...I loved your valentine decorations and banner. Super cute! And just now I loved seeing Sawyer's face on your blog :)

Alana said...

I am loving these posts!

Janelle said...

I love these pictures! All of it makes me smile!

Denise said...

there was an error in your post. this is the correction-

we've moved...

i am so going to join in on these posts (as soon as my computer gets over this bug it has).

Susan said...

Being a yes mom. Way to go. Requires thinking I know ;). It's a thoughtful decision every time. Love all the pics and sharing your joys