A Whole Bunch of Random

* since having her tonsils and adenoids out, mauryn has returned to sleeping in her favorite spot.

* i saw these button earrings ... so cute.  i made a few stops to find earring posts and put together a pair one morning.  so easy and fun.  they may become the new "go to" gift for morgan's friends.
* i tried cutting vinyl for the first time with my cricut.  i didn't use the transfer tape this time but i will use it next time, especially if i do a bigger project.
 * when lance and i were first married, i would take our christmas card pictures and cut them out to create a collage on our refrigerator.  {i had way too much time on my hands} then we had kids and i became more anal about having a clean refrigerator door and i stopped saving the pictures.  i always felt bad not keeping them but i also didn't want to make photo albums or find a place to store an album for each year.  this year when i saw an simple idea for keeping christmas cards i was totally on board.  i added ribbon to the metal ring and made a tag for the year.  

* landon and mauryn spent last week building their pinewood derby cars.  here is a little glimpse of their cars... details of the grand prix coming!
* lance took mauryn up to the mountain skiing on saturday. she wasn't too sure she wanted to go but once she got skiing she loved it.  when they got home she come up to landon and said "landon we have to go skiing together. i need to show you how to go fast!" 
 * i had my very first facial on saturday.  i had a gift certificate to use and i am not a massage kind of gal so this seemed like a better option. i ended up loving it. it was so relaxing i almost fell asleep.

* i have been working out at home since the new year, but hit the gym for the first time in forever on saturday. i was sure some type of alarm would go off since i hadn't been there in so long but i made it through the door without a problem. phew!  i met up with my favorite machine the step mill and then hit the track for a little run.  my muscles are revolting from my 6 month exercise hiatus.  i am SOO sore.

* morgan had a gymnastics meet on friday.  it was the first time in a year or two that i noticed all the girls having FUN.  they were happy, confident, and just enjoying the competition.  their team took 4th place and all the girls had a solid meet.  morgan, mauryn, and i had planned to stay for the next session to watch some of morgan's friends and ended up staying for the next two sessions to watch some of the upper level gymnasts.  mauryn was a trooper hanging in their for 10 hours of gymnastics.  
* i am setting my alarm for the middle of the night {actually early morning} on thursday so i can get online to order my iphone.  i can NOT wait. i have been saving up for one and just waiting for verizon to release their iphone.... i may just do a happy dance when it comes in the mail.

* i dread lunch time every day. the end. 


Susan said...

Yeah for the iPhone. Love mine. Love the Christmas card idea and love the family on top!

Kara Franklin said...

An iphone? I just barely got a real cell phone - dont' even know what it feels like to have money to save for one. Maybe in 2020 I will get one!! And I hate lunches as well - I'm always so hungry but nothing ever sounds good (that I can have anyways:)

Alana said...

Wow, these are some great ideas. I love the Christmas card idea and the earrings? Soooo cute! And great job on the working out, girl!

Valerie Berg said...

Yep, I agree. Love the Xmas card idea. Simple and means I actually have a reason now to take them down (or soon). :) I should've known you were getting the iphone! I am jealous as I can't use it for work just yet so gotta wait - grrr!

Simply Sara said...

facials- heaven on earth. seriously.

wowza. 10 hours of gymnastics. that's amazing that mauryn did so well. i'm trying to picture my little crazies doing that but i just can't. and way to go morgan! having fun is the best part :)

you get a gold star for walking through those doors at the gym. that's the hardest part!

chris may get a new company phone, in which case i'll get his old iphone. eeeeee. if that happens i'll do the happy dance with you!

i dread lunchtime too.

Janelle said...

I love the idea for christmas cards. I never know what to do with them, and feel so guilty throwing them away!

Love the random!