Who Needs A Bed?

A few weeks ago we decided to bunk the girls' beds.

After the room makeover, we had both beds on the floor and it worked great until Mauryn decided that waking up before the sunrise was a great idea. When she wakes up she also was waking up her sister.

In order to give the girls more space in their bedroom and to help curb Mauryn waking Morgan up each morning, we bunked the beds.

Once the beds were bunked, Mauryn decided she didn't want to sleep in her bed.

For the first few days, she slept on the floor next to her bed.

Now she has moved up from the floor to a chair:

not very comfortable if you ask me but it is her favorite spot. for now.


Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Are you kidding? She now won't sleep in her bed. That girl. I just want to know what is going on her head...she makes me smile *and laugh* - but the good thing is she's still sleeping!

Stephanie said...

Too funny! Is she afraid of the bunk beds? I'm with Val, at least she is still sleeping. But does she sleep in?

Denise said...

oh the days when you could crash anywhere! i could never sleep like that now.

denise said...

Funny girl! Meanwhile, I'm totally coveting that fluffy purple chair. It DOES look comfy (although not for sleeping). I don't suppose I could get one that's adult-sized...