Advent: Day 1

One of the things I have learned from my kids as we have been doing our school work is that they LOVE to do crafts. love them.

I don't love my kids doing crafts because well.... its messy. I am learning to live with the mess since it brings my kids so much joy!

During the month of December, in this season of Advent ("coming"), we are doing 25 days worth of crafts and activities. My kids are thrilled and so am I!

My first step was to make an advent calendar. I searched the internet for ideas (there are TONS out there) and found a pattern that my kids liked on etsy. Then we went to JoAnn Fabrics and I let the kids pick out the fabric. I was nervous it was going to be too busy but the busyness works.

I spent a few weeks searching the internet, looking at books, gathering information from our churches yearly advent fair, and getting ideas from friends so that I could compile a calendar of crafts and activities. I typed out each activity on a slip of paper and put them into the pockets on the calendar.

As soon as the kids finished their schoolwork today, they picked the first slip.
We started by reading our bible passage for the day which was Isaiah 40:1-11 {prepare the way for the Lord}, read from our advent devotional Jotham's Journey, made a paper advent wreath,
and each of the kids made a paper chain for their bedrooms to countdown the days until Christmas.

{Our first day may forever known as the day the toddler got her own glue stick. I am not sure my kitchen table will ever be the same.}

Throughout the month we will be reading many Christmas books, baking many different types of cookies, and snuggling up to enjoy some Christmas movies. {I didn't include these activities on our calendar slips.}

What are you doing to prepare for Christmas? What are your favorite advent activities?


Denise said...

that last picture is my VERY FAVORITE!
have fun celebrating his coming!

Short Stop said...

I LOVE these pictures!! Absolutely LOVE them.

And, I remember when Jenni did those adorable paper chains a couple of years ago and I had forgotten all about it until now. I think she hung them up, too. I bet the boys would LOVE to do that!! I should incorporate it into our school time this year!

YAY for Advent Day 1!

Jessica Brown said...

LOVE the advent calendar - NICE JOB! Also, the pictures look great - i love the ones you did in the rows all together - very cute.

I look forward to hearing more about what you all do together. It sounds great.

Sarah Markley said...

uh, my favorite part of this is that landon has no shirt on. way to go, homeschooling mom. =)

Lynn said...

That advent calendar turned out GREAT! I want to find or make one for us (for next year). I've been trying to come up with fun advent activities for this year, but I haven't been quite as good about planning as you have. Wow, it looks like you are off to a great start with day 1!!!