Letter to Santa

Around this time last year I received a package in the mail from my older sister.

The package contained something that belonged to me that she had saved for almost 30 years!

It brought tears to my eyes seeing it.... not only did it bring back memories of Christmases past but I was also impressed my sister had hung onto this letter for so long.

The package contained a picture frame that held a letter I had written to santa as a little girl.

The letter reads:
I am a good girl. Some times I am bad. My name is Kristen Schoeb. Can you bring me Love 'N' touch baby, Peggy and her pop-up playpen, Skating Ken, Skating barbie, 3- Doll case, Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry pie, Apple Dumplin, Blueberry Muffin, My friend Mandy, My friend Jenny, Dolly pops doll house, Sweetie face ballerina set, Muppet's Secret doll house, Howdy Doody, Charlie McCarthy, Danny 'o Day, Superstar Christine, Pepsi Drink Dispenser {i had an affinity for fountain soda even way back then}, Li'l Boss portable Office, snoopy's pound-a-ball, jon, ponch {see i was CHiPs fan}, Merlin, strolling bowling. Thank you. Kristen Schoeb

Seeing this letter makes me laugh! Seriously, did they give me a toy catalog when I wrote this letter. I don't remember receiving anything on that list and some of the things when my kids asked me about them I didn't know or remember anything about the toy.

I treasure this letter and keep it displayed with my Christmas decorations. Even though I don't remember writing it or specific items on the list, it is a piece of my past, a little glimpse at a little girls wish list many years ago.

Thank you Karna for being a saver when I am NOT!