The words that helped me focus over the last two years.

This year my word is intentional. One of the reasons I haven't posted until the sixth day of the New Year is because I have been focusing on being intentional with my kids and with my time. We are still on Christmas break this week and it has been wonderful! This is the first week where the kids have been able to sleep in and have quiet time at home. I am savoring all these moments.

I will be intentional:
- with the time spent with my husband and children
- in the activities, groups, volunteer work, and committees i choose to be involved in
- in developing and growing relationships
- in continuing to write hand written notes to those who inspire, challenge, encourage, support, and love me
- in exercising, eating healthy, and dropping a few of the extra pounds that showed up after eating far too many cookies :o)
- in planning and preparing our school work each week
- in blogging about lives and using this blog as a journal
- serving and loving others
- in bible study and growing my relationship with God

What are your goals for the year?


Denise said...

my word is "story." remeber i was reading d.m.'s book where he talked about story. i want to live and tell a better story with my life this year. i want my book to be about something.

love you friend.

Jenni S. said...

I don't have a word, but can I steal yours? Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been working on some of the very same things you have. :-)

nicole said...

i love the word intentional....i might have to steal it too. i'm mailing you about D.M's book

Lynn said...

inspiring...as usual.

M. D. said...

I like you!

My word is "choice"

I have a choice how to spend my time and what to commit to. Let's hope I make good choices!