Weekend Recap

Most of our Saturday mornings in the winter are spent in a gym. Either for a gymnastics meet or basketball game. Sometimes both.

This week, it was basketball.

In the fall he played through our local Rec Center. He had two amazing coaches and loved every minute of it.

This time around he is playing at our church through a program called Upward with his dad as his coach. On Saturday they had their first game.

Here is my little man warming up:

Waiting to match up with the person they are going to guard. See Landon. The shortest boy on the team. See the boy next to Landon. Tallest kid on the team. My boy holds his own out there.
Before the game starts they announce the cheerleaders and the players. The kids run out through a smoke filled tunnel. They LOVE it!
Getting ready to play......
Throwing one up for a basket....
After basketball, we came home and did a few things around the house. When Mauryn got up from her nap the kids all headed outside. It was another gorgeous day. The kids were enjoying being outside to get some fresh air.

As I peeked outside I saw Mauryn chasing our neighbor Cooper.

Coop would run
Mauryn would push him down, land on top of him, laugh, and then say "tooper are you otay". The entire time Coop would laugh and get up so she could do it again.
When she got tired of chasing Coop, she would find her brother and give him some love.
The highlight for Mauryn was getting to ride the bike she got for her birthday. We had it in the house for a while but it was causing a little bit of damage to the walls thanks to a cute boy who thought it was cool to race as fast as he could around corners. Anyway, Mauryn loved it. The big girls (morgan and our neighbor amiah) even took her on a long ride around our path. She did an amazing job. I have a feeling we will be spending many nice days out on walks so she can ride her bike. You can tell she takes it very seriously!


Lynn said...

The picture of Mauryn tackling Cooper is ADORABLE! I am sure Landon is LOVING playing basketball. Smoke tunnel...really?!? COOL!

Susan said...

How do you do your collage pics?