Friday and Gymnastics

Our mornings are usually quiet and fairly low key.

Not today.

We had to be up early and on the road to Morgan's gymnastics meet by the time the kids would normally be getting out of bed. Under normal circumstances I might have heard some grumbling, especially from Landon my little sleeper, but this meet does a great job of catering to siblings. They have inflatables set up as well as tables with coloring books and crayons. Its great!

Morgan had a great meet today. For only the second meet of competition season, she showed improvements over the last meet {and much improvement in areas over last year!} and seemed more confident. She placed 4th in the all around for her age group.

I uploaded a video of routines today:

Gem State Invitational from Kristen Cheney on Vimeo.

The meet finished up and we went to lunch at Fuddruckers with some of Morgan's team mates and their families. We are so blessed that Morgan has such great girls on her team. They really encourage and support each other.

Once we got home Lance decided to take Landon up to the mountains to ski. Morgan was too tired and wanted to stay home. The girls and I are having a quiet night at home. We played outside for a bit and are now snuggled up watching Free Willy. My house needs some TLC but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Landon has basketball tomorrow morning. I am hoping to get a little montage of his basketball games up tomorrow. I have some family waiting to see his skills :o)

Tomorrow night we will be heading down the street to our neighbors annual Murder Mystery Party. These parties always prove to be great fun. This years theme is Western. I will post pictures on Sunday.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?


Stacey said...

Hi Kristen! You'll have to fill me in on the Murder Mystery party because we are part of a Dinner Club group with 5 other couples and are always wanting different ideas for themes, etc. IN the past we have done a cruise ship dinner, Survivor Thailand (thai food), Luau party, 50's theme, etc. It has been a lot of fun, but this year we are talking about going out to dinner instead so we'll see. Anyways, fill me in on the party sometime....and if you didn't see the facebook post Anna and I were quite impressed by Morgan!

Joni said...

Great job Morgan!! It was so fun to see you do your gymnastics finally - even if it was on video. Addison enjoyed watching is as well! You are very talented.

nicole said...

I'm so impressed with Morgan! you are one talented girl.
it kinda takes me back to my days of figure skating...

Lynn said...

Great job Morgan! It is so great that her hobby is something the whole family can enjoy. Equally cool is that you can just "decide" one evening to go skiing.

We have been talking about hosting a murder mystery dinner, and I am thinking about purchasing one for Patrick's birthday. I went to one in college, but the ending was kinda lame. Any that you would recommend?