Catching Up: Morgan's Birthday Party

Yep, a little, no a lot behind (since morgan's birthday was in November) here on posts but here is to catching up!

For her tenth birthday, Morgan wanted to have a pool party. We copied our theme idea of hang ten from here - it was the perfect idea!

Morgan and I had a great time planning, shopping for supplies, and getting the party all put together. Morgan wanted to be very involved from the invitations to the decorations to the cupcakes. It sure made my job easier and she did a great job!

We had her party at the local YMCA and it was so easy! They had a great party room that we used as our home base. The kids enjoyed the pool, water slides, and lazy river. When they finished swimming the kids created Aloha picture frames before we enjoyed the beach themed cupcakes.

It was a great tenth birthday party!


Cathi Hamen said...

looks like fun!!! aaah an indoor pool, the things we dont have in so cal! would be kind of a neat treat! i also miss indoor tennis courts too...when we lived there we were members at the Boise Racquet and swim club, is it still there?

Stacey said...

So cute! We were wondering how that turned out.....so thanks for sharing the pics! You are so creative and are obviously rubbing off onto your daughter!

denise said...

What a fantastic idea in the middle of winter! You guys have the best birthday parties :)