Reason # 2471358

that i love costco

aren't these dresses adorable! mauryn wears a dress almost every single day. i know once spring and summer come along she will be in one every day. one of the best things about the dresses:

their hanna's. i love hanna andersson.
the hanna play dresses have gotten us through the winter. i love that the dresses have the matching leggings since mauryn doesn't like to wear tights.

it is exciting to come upon these little finds at costco.

what's your best find from costco??


Stacey said...

Like I said on Facebook, I'd just like to be able to go there at least once so I can see what they offer.....but then again, if I can only go one time I'll probably be sad because I LOVE everything and won't be able to go back. I'm still working on checking it out, but until then keep me posted on all the things you really like to buy there!

By the way, those dresses are too cute and Mauryn will look so cute in them!

Denise said...

great find!

when i go into costco i always go with a list and stick to my list! it is the difference of paying $35 or $135...which is what happens if i don't stick to the list.

i love and miss you today friend.

Lynn said...

So cute! I will be sending my mom to Costco to look for these. Perfect for potty training. BJ's is closer to us...and we find some nice things there too.