Mauryn: Fall/Christmas 2009

favorite foods: pirate booty, cheese pizza (pizup as you say), M&M's, ice cream, mandarin oranges, corn, macaroni and cheese, cereal
favorite songs: B-I-B-L-E, lord's army, father abraham, old mcdonald had a farm, pretty much any song and especially songs she makes up
favorite books: curious george, maisy, clifford, mermaid books
favorite movies: Little Mermaid
favorite tv shows: curious george, clifford
favorite games: candyland, chutes and ladders, cards
favorite toys: bitty baby, snap 'n style dolls
favorite activity with mom: cooking
favorite activity with dad: giving him hugs and show him my twins
favorite school subject: coloring, puzzles, playing with math mainpulatives
hobbies: making a mess, being cute, taking care of my babies
favorite christmas songs: away in a manager, jingle bells, o come little children
favorite advent activities: living christmas tree, winter garden a glow
favorite christmas gifts: bitty twins, bed for bitty twins
favorite christmas movie: rudolph the red nosed reindeer
favorite ornament: fat santa
favorite decoration: star on the tree, little people nativity set, little people santa and reindeer
favorite christmas cookie: rolled out sugar cookies - the star, peanut butter balls
what filled your stocking?: gum, peanut M&M's, lip gloss, body glitter, markers, crayons, notebook, christmas tree magna doodle
did you believe in santa?: YES! you talked about santa and were excited to see him... from afar. you did not want to get too close but the idea of santa was so fun for you.

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