100th Day

In the ten years that I was a public school teacher, each year in mid February we had a celebration marking the 100th day of school.

Since we have been homeschooling, I have always kept track in my planner our number of school days but haven't counted with the kids.

This year, as part of Landon's daily routine, we go through our calendar and add a straw to a chart to count our school days. I love the chart because it teaches him how to create groups of ten, count by tens, and learn place value.
As we neared our 100th day of school {woo hoo!}, I decided to incorporate some of the same activities I had done in my classroom years earlier. I knew Landon would probably enjoy it but what surprised me was how much Morgan {a 4th grader} loved it.

Here is a look at some of the things we did to celebrate:

Top {l-r}: landon's finished number 100 - the 1, and each 0 had 100 items... i let them raid our craft cart and it looks like i will need to restock googly eyes, paper strips for our 100 paper chain, landon working on his number 100, mauryn making her paper chain {give the girl a glue stick and she is happy}

Bottom {l-r}: morgan working on her 100 paper chain, our food to create 100 day snack {10 items and they add 10 of each thing to a bowl}, 100 day snack {yummy!}, morgan's number 100

We also counted by tens to 100, by fives to 100, read books about the 100th day of school, and the kids did 100 exercises {10 each of 10 different exercises}.

It was a fun way to spend our school day. The only downside, Landon was convinced we were done with school for the year since we made it to the 100th day. Sorry to disappoint you buddy but we still have 70 days left!


Denise said...

you are so creative.

have i reached 100 days yet?
we have 180 days of school in cali.
my goal is to be done by memorial weekend so i can go to bass lke and play!!

Lynn said...

Such great ideas! You make homeschooling look so fun. I've still got a few years to decide...

Stacey said...

Such cute ideas....I can so tell that you were a teacher! Keep up the good work!


Janelle said...

I remember that fun day as a kindergarten teacher! My girl has to make an item for their 100 museum on the 3rd. We are brainstorming some ideas. I think we are going to make a poster with 100 dogs. We are stuck on dogs around here for the moment.

I sure do like you!