Landon: Fall/Christmas 2009

favorite foods: bagel, bubble pizza, apples, aunt shari's special macaroni and cheese
favorite songs: are you ready? by alvin and the chipmunks, hamster dance, sold by john michael montgomery, anything by go fish or the wiggles
favorite books: clifford, arthur, dick and jane
favorite movies: any air bud or air buddies, g force, high school musical 3
favorite tv shows: zoboomafoo, clifford, fetch, wiggles
favorite games: sorry, sequence for kids, guess who?, crazy 8's, chums (like go fish)
favorite toys: big fire truck, drums, football, legos, lincoln logs
favorite activity with mom: cooking
favorite activity with dad: going to work
favorite school subject: math
hobbies: playing outside, shooting hoops, riding bike
favorite christmas songs: snow cd by go fish
favorite christmas gifts: nerf dart gun, legos, broncos jersey, roaring springs pass
favorite christmas movie: santa buddies
favorite ornament: broncos football with chipmunk on it
favorite decoration: christmas trees
favorite christmas cookie: sugar roll outs - the rudolph one i decorated
what filled your stocking: legos, gum, skittles, twizzlers, twirly birds, would you rather? card game, markers
did you believe in santa? yes! but you didn't talk about him near as much as in the past. you definitely liked seeing him from afar but you did not want to sit on his lap or talk to him.
favorites of 2009: playing with my friends, going to roaring springs, playing basketball, playing tball, going to montana, going to bass lake

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