Be Careful What You Wish For

I want to do a better job of journaling our life. I want this blog to be a scrapbook of our lives as well as a place to post thoughts and feelings of a "deeper" nature.

I was thinking, hoping, wishing that I had some interesting things to write. Our daily life is busy but in general pretty boring!

I need to be careful what I wish for because yesterday afternoon I walked into the kitchen to find Mauryn holding a scissors and there was a pile of hair laying on the floor. She decided to give herself a little haircut.
Here is the pile of hair I collected:

Her new self delivered hair cut:

It isn't horrible. It definitely could have been much worse but it didn't stop me from getting on my phone right away and calling my friend Tara to see if she could do a little touch up job and blend in where Mauryn had cut her hair.

I am so "stinkin' tute" don't be mad at me for cutting my own hair!
New do - Tara cut her hair shorter to blend in where Mauryn had cut. Her hair now sort of looks like she is just growing her bangs out, even though there is some of her side hair in there as well. Even though she doesn't like them, Mauryn will be wearing lots of clips for the next few months!

We have been having the best weather lately. It has been sunny with temperatures in the 50's! It has really felt like spring. We have been spending as much time outside as possible.

Landon was playing ball in the front yard and didn't want to wait for his dad to be his pitcher. He was sure he could throw the ball up himself and hit it.
Looking for the ball and not noticing that he didn't hit it and it was at his feet!
Phew, now the pitcher shows up
Landon is poised and ready to smack it!
While the boys played ball in the front yard, Mauryn and I headed out to the backyard to throw the ball for the dogs and so Mauryn could get some time in on the swings.

We are loving this spring like weather! The sunshine and fresh air are the perfect way to end the afternoon.


Denise said...

phew! that is not bad.

growing up i had the barbie head. i cut and attempted to feather barbies bangs, then used my very tiny curling iron to hide my mistakes. thankfully i saw what a mess i had made of barbie that i didn't touch my hair with the scissors...well not then anyway, i waited instead till i was a madly-in-like with some guy, hormonal teenager to attack them.

it wasn't pretty.

did you ever chop at your own hair?

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

You're back to your blog! Yeah! Now I feel really caught up on your life again....nice long talk today in person + lots of blog updates = I love the Cheney's!

Sarah Markley said...

oh my gosh. i'm getting naomi flashbacks.

hers is still not all the way out. wow.

miss you friend. =)

Janelle said...

That could have been worse! But I can't imagine how your stomach flopped when you saw all that hair. Mine haven't don't that...yet. I think it is a rite of passage.

Sure love your blog!