Morgan: Fall/Christmas 2009

favorite foods: taco hot dish, bubble pizza
favorite songs: anything by taylor swift or owl city
favorite books: mysteries, american girl doll books, allie finkle books, pretty much anything
favorite movies: chrissa (american girl movie), sound of music, hannah montana movie
favorite tv shows: fetch, brady bunch, little house on the prairie, icarly
favorite games: life, uno, hand and foot, most card games
favorite toys: ds, camera
favorite activity with mom: cooking and baking
favorite activity with dad: playing cards and board games
favorite school subject: spelling
hobbies: gymnastics, taking pictures, hanging out
favorite christmas songs: what child is this?, jesus born on this day, his favorite christmas story
favorite christmas gifts: video camera, roaring springs pass
favorite christmas movie: anabelle's wish
favorite ornament: a sleigh i made in preschool
favorite decoration: fontanini nativity scene
favorite christmas cookie: peanut butter tempations
what filled your stocking?: gum, starbursts, mint three muskateers, lip gloss, body glitter, wallet, earrings
did you believe in santa?: no, but you play along nicely so your brother and sister could play along

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Lynn said...

It seems bass lake was a winner all around!

This is a great way for your kids to reflect on how they've changed over the years.