Catching Up: In List Form

I can't believe it is mid February and I haven't sat down to post anything since the end of January.

I have had a video camera and two digital cameras sitting on my desk for days/weeks to download pictures. I think I am finally caught up.... for now. I really hope to do a better job of keeping up with this blog.

Our neighbors hold an annual Murder Mystery Party. It is always a great time. This year the theme was Murder at Deadwood Saloon. Our hosts did a fabulous job of transforming their garage. It really looked like the old west.

We woke up the morning after the murder mystery to HUG flakes of snow falling. We don't get snowfalls that often in the valley so we are thrilled when we see it falling. I took these pictures out the car window on the way to church so they aren't very clear. It was a beautiful snowfall. It continued to snow throughout the morning and into the afternoon. By 4 pm, the snow was all melted.
Two weekends ago, Morgan's gym hosted a gymnastics meet. As part of the booster club we were running a concession stand and selling baked goods. The kids and I spent a morning baking and packing food for the meet. Even though my kitchen was a disaster when we were done, I am thankful for kids who love to help and are very capable in the kitchen.
Morgan had her best meet of the season that weekend. She has worked so hard to improve her skills. Last year was a struggle all season and this year seems to be going better. She took 1st on beam and floor, 3rd on vault, and 5th on bars {after she fell}, and 2nd in the all around. Her team took 1st place. It was fun to see all the girls on her team have a successful meet!


Denise said...

i went to a murder mystery a few years ago. i wonder if it was the sme one because it was western. i was holly someoneoranother (can't remember the last name). my character had to flirt with another character. i wasn't friends with he folks her were there, so it was very uncomfortable. at the end off the night i had to explain to wives and husbands i was happily married, and not really pursuing other men.
it was fun!

you look great and sassy.

Lynn said...

Wow! You costumes are awesome! I want to plan a dinner like this around Patrick's birthday. Any suggestions as to which one was your favorite?

Morgan is doing so well in gymnastics. Great job girl!