Week One : Lent

I have made it through a week without fountain soda {or any form of caffeine since i don't drink coffee}, sweets, and no facebook/twitter.

It hasn't been easy.

I am realizing how much I use facebook to communicate with my friends and family. I do miss knowing, on a regular basis, my friends and families activities. I am spending the time I used to be on facebook to playing games and reading with my kids, getting more school work done, get caught up on my blog, and tackling some items on my long to do list.

My kids have been taunting me a little with the no fountain soda. We will be driving and they will ask "mom, don't you want a fountain soda?" Well, now that you brought it up i do! I think I missed it the most when we were traveling. It was definitely a comfort thing for me. If i was having a bad day, feeling tired, or stressed - go get a fountain soda. Or having a great day, finished some things on my to do list - go get a fountain soda. Really, I didn't need an excuse. I just love the stuff. It hasn't been as difficult as I imagined to go without the fountain soda.

I have never been a huge sweets eater. I do not really care for chocolate. I wouldn't eat a brownie. I do have a strong love for cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies. Now that I have been introduced to cake balls, have mercy! I have been finding that usually after lunch I like something a little sweet. I wanted to get out of the habit. This has been hard. Harder than I thought. I didn't realize how much I craved the sweet things. The discussion in our house has been if candy {lollipops, and sugary candy} counts as sweets. What do you think??

The kids and I are enjoying our daily lenten lessons. They look forward to solving our mystery message and finding out our giving activity. The one bonus is that Landon is really learning about coins, their value, and exchanging money. I enjoy seeing the kids work together on these activities each day and their awareness of others is growing as well.

If you sacrificed something for lent, how is it going? Any lenten activities you are doing with your kids or as a family?

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