Finding Joy - Week 4

The joys:

* girls giggling
* a little ballerina twirling
* gymnasts flipping
*sun shining
* games of rock, paper, scissors
* kids running, playing, jumping
* dogs sleeping
* 4 year old song creations
* family movie night
* my boy snuggling with harley the wonder dog 
* time gained when lance picked morgan up from gymnastics
* morgan having fun at her competition and showing more confidence
* mauryn's outfit choice and constant pulling up of tights.  she is quite the lady
* a skype session with some dear friends who moved recently.  it was so great to see their faces.  in a little over a week i get to hug their necks... yeah!
* celebrating our 100th day of school
* chocolate chip cookies
* a morning at the indoor inflatable place.  fun and playing for kids, visiting for the moms
* catch up email from a friend
* my ww accountability partner... sharing recipes, snacks, challenges and sucesses
* bedtime stories
* dress up day at our homeschool co op... the theme nerd day 
* a gift certificate that allowed me a facial and pedicure
* sharing popcorn with a friend
* a clean car
* watching american idol
* getting to the gym for the first time in months
* discovering movies with subtitles.  a perfect thing to watch while working out at home. the need to focus on the words helps to pass the time.

what were your joys this week?


Alana said...

I am curious how these post are going for you? Do you see any change in you as you focus on all these positives? I really enjoy reading them!

Janelle said...

I sure like you!