Finding Joy - Week 5

The joys:

*pyramid building
* morgan's gym hosted a meet this past weekend so we spent friday morning having "home ec"... lots of baking.  scotcheroos, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, revel bars, puppy chow, and caramel corn
 * i love that my kids love to be in the kitchen and bake with me.  they also did a great job of packaging all our baked goods to sell
* mauryn did her job... she was our entertainment. singing and dancing her little heart out
* my kids have great friends who have great families
* the parents on morgan's gymnastics team who love my little ones and treat them as their own
 * turning on my camera and finding these attempts at self portraits
 * landon and mauryn asked the other morning if they could make a fort and it took everything in me to say yes... and it was worth it. it kept them busy and brought them so much joy.
* a phone call from denise which always comes at the right time
 * finding a beloved stuffed animal tucked in on the couch
 * mauryn creating a bed and snuggling up with her stuffed animals to share a story
 * after fighting a cold all week and a busy weekend, i woke up sunday morning feeling awful.  i had a quiet morning at home resting and reading.  i snuggled up with mauryn for a much needed afternoon nap.  i love naps so that was a joy to get a nap.  i woke up from my nap to find that lance brought me a fountain soda... yeah!
* watching the super bowl in my pajamas
* mauryn rocking and mothering her baby
 * watching Landon watching the super bowl and seeing him understand the game
* my iphone arrived in the mail... big yeah!

what were your joys this week?


Denise said...

you were sick on SUPER EATING SUNDAY?

i'm salivating over your cinnamon rolls.

Denise said...

oh! and your kids forts involve flipping the furniture!!!!! you are so much cooler than i will ever be.

Jeni said...

yay for your ipone arriving! I'm sure you are loving it!

Stacey said...

My joy this week was seeing my kids faces when I told them that they had mail (Landon & Morgan's letters)!

I know what a good baker you are so I have to ask, what are revel bars?

Take care - Stacey