Pinewood Derby

The week Landon and Mauryn came home with their pinewood derby kits, I could see the wheels turning in Lance's head on how to create the cars.

As derby Sunday approached the excitement level in our house rose.  There was cutting, sanding, painting, and assembling.  Both of the kids had definite ideas on how they wanted their cars to look - Landon's was a bronco theme and Mauryn's was pink of course!
 Lance, Landon, and Mauryn headed up to church to have their cars weighed. 
 After their cars were weighed, they were set off to the side on a table protected by "security" while they waited to race.  There were some very impressive car designs.  I think the bar has been raised for next year.  

The race was set up so there were 3 preliminary heats.  During the preliminary heats, Landon and Mauryn's cars were up against each other.  The little sister beat the big brother and jumped for joy!
 Mauryn's car continued on through quite a few elimination heats.  Her little car made it to the top 18 and she was pleased as punch!
 During the races the kids enjoyed being with their friends and cheering on the cars.
 I love this picture that my neighbor Val captured of the kids watching the races.
It was a fun evening, celebrating the kids' hard work on their cars.

I know I have kids {and a husband} looking forward to next year.  I am pretty sure the planning has already started for the next cars!

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