Finding Joy - Week 7

The joys:

* waking up to snow covered yard
* saying yes to playing in the snow in the morning and waiting to get school done in the afternoon {good thing as the snow was all melted by lunch time}
* landon's project from church on wednesday night... the face with the tongue.  i can't help but smile
* plugging in my camera to upload pictures and finding this picture of mauryn and
this video that landon created

* licking a beater before breakfast
* mauryn's breakfast choice... bagel pizza
* casey {one of teens is home from college} and mauryn sharing secrets
* my kids' excitement about casey being home from college for the weekend
* mauryn telling me how she is casey's special "little" girl
* sunday afternoon naps
* mauryn wanting to hold my hand while we take a nap
* meeting baby elliot via skype... isn't she precious. i just wish canada were closer so i could snuggle that new babe!
* landon isn't a fan of school. it cuts into his playtime.  landon and i created a chart where after 5 days of completing his school work without whining or complaining he would earn a small reward such as going to a movie at the dollar theater, lunch at mcdonalds, a trip to an indoor play center, etc...  last week his first row was completed so he and his dad had a movie date
* morgan and i had a saturday date.  we went to lunch and to see a local production of joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat.
* sunny days and afternoons outside
* my two littles creative games involving many stuffed animals and forts
* four year old speak: eye balls for light bulbs
 popcoom for popcorn,
fo for four,
alligator for escalator and elevator,
hanimatizer for hand sanitizer,
and the list goes on and on  i don't want it to go away!

what were your joys this week?


Simply Sara said...

hehehe. i love that video...
"i'm fo years old and i'm almost turning five."
"no you're not!"
love them :)

and hanimatizer?! oh my word you have got to get that cuteness on video!

love landon's school chart. i think i'll start one for my complainy 7 year old's after school routine (piano, homework, chores) thanks for the awesome idea!

i wish our snow would melt by lunchtime :(

Me said...

Love your jys this week visuals. I am on my journey of 1000 gifts also. It is amazing how we can find joy in the everyday, wonderful things in life. I love all of your pictures.

Feel free to visit my blog anytime, I have a list going too. To answer your question of what my joy this week is:
My #1 joy this week... having the week off from work to be with my kids. Priceless!!!

OCMom said...

That video is priceless! My kids are now "Idaho Mom" followers and love to see your kids pictures! Lauren just started her own "no whining" campaign this week! I hope it works...it's much more pleasant doing school without the whining:)

Janelle said...

Great joys this week! Love that you said YES to playing in the snow and setting school back a few hours.

Love Sunday naps and 4 year old speak!

Love ya!

Susan said...

that video was a riot. just finally watched it