Finding Joy - Week 6

 The joys:

* singing, dancing performance put on by my two littlest kiddos
* napping Chloe 
 * prepping and planning for a boys upcoming lego themed birthday
 * mauryn's excitement about flying. she has flown many times before but didn't remember any of those flights. when we were taking off she would yell "blast off!" she loved looking out the window and kept us all entertained.
 * seeing this sweet boy.  he is full of joy and after not seeing me for 3 months... he remembered me. melt my heart! i love him
 * morgan's gymnastics meet.  she missed her meet last weekend because she had pulled/strained something in her arm pit... strange but true.   she was still having some soreness but pushed through to compete.  she did great having her best meet of the season placing in all events and finishing in the top half of her age group
 * seeing Landon reunited with one of his best buddies.  they were so thrilled to see each other.  it was wonderful to see them just delight in each other
 * family dinner with lance's sister and her kids, his cousin and his family, and his aunt.  kids running, playing, laughing, and enjoying each other
* story sharing among siblings
* an afternoon spent exploring downtown Seattle {more on our trip later}
* mauryn running and laughing... she is so exuberant and joyful
 * spending a weekend with our wonderful friends, the pucketts.  easy conversation, quiet mornings, laughter, life sharing, and the comfort of treasured friendship
 * snuggles and stories with aunt maureen {the kids' great aunt}
 * just dance 2 competition between the cousins... and maybe a few adults :o)
* ice cream sundaes
 *swinging at the park while singing... always singing
 * a quiet sunday afternoon watching a movie and taking care of baby addie {addie's twin, who was left at home is named eli after this sweet young boy}
 * maiden voyage to trader joe's... it might be good there isn't one here
* candy cane joe-joe's... love!
*sneaking away from the chaos of work being done on the floor{and putting school away} to take the kids to an indoor play center
 * my sweet blog friend sara having her baby this week... isn't her family beautiful.  our kids have become friends over skype and we are looking forward to a skype date to meet baby elliot soon. skype will have to do when all i want to do is get my hands on that sweet girl.  someday, someday!
What were your joys this week?


Denise said...

so fun.

i am seattle jealous.

your hair is getting long (for you). i like it.

i asked michael if i could go to canada this week. he said yes. he likes to say yes when he knows the bank account has already told me no.


hold on to your britches my joys are coming!

Simply Sara said...

eee! what a joyFULL week :)
i'm so glad you had such a wonderful time away!
i am seattle jealous too...

i wish my bank account told me yes to flying you both up to canada :(

can't wait for our skype date!

Janelle said...

I am loving this!! I look forward to your joys. Sounds like a perfect week!!

Lynn said...

Great list of joys....was that really one week?!?

You need to add Mauryn in that puffy vest with pigtails...SERIOUSLY adorable!

Candy cane jo jo's....love!!!

Congrats to Morgan on a great finish at her meet!

PS. I had a dream last night that we came to vacation with you at the ranch.....I liked that dream. ;o)