She has been waiting for this time since she started competing 3 years ago.  

Watching the older girls, practicing the dance part of their routines, and waiting.  

Waiting until she was an optional

As soon as her last meet as a compulsory was finished, she was already in the planning stages for her optional routines.

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall she has worked diligently to learn her skills and routines preparing for the competition season.

As the competition season approached, fear and nerves set in and her confidence was shaken.

In the weeks leading up to the first competition of this year, we have been having many conversations about working hard, doing your best, and having fun. 

On Saturday, she fought through those nerves and fears to have a fairly solid meet.  Are there skills she needs to work on and things to clean up in her routine? Sure.  Did we see her confidence start to return and the sparkle back in her eyes? YES!  

I need to take notes from my eleven year old.  To be brave. To push through fears and nerves to come out better on the other side... better just for trying if success is not gained.  

She lived a good story on Saturday.

Silver Bells Meet from Kristen Cheney on Vimeo.

* i wish you could hear her floor music a little bit better... it is really cute
* she paused at the beginning of her floor routine as the girl running the music hit the pause button... you can tell she was surprised!
* she needs to smile more :o)


Denise said...

"good job morgi!" is that dad?

she did a nice job on everything.

thanks for sharing the video footage!

Valerie Berg said...

Nice Job Morgan! How on earth did I not know you had a gym meet Saturday? I need your schedule!

Wife2Jason said...

I loved watching this!! My heat was racing during the beam routine tho. She did great!

Simply Sara said...

yippee morgan! awesome job!

she lived a great story indeed. i can learn from her too :)

my girls watched the video and now they want to go into gymnastics. abby started doing somersaults around the room to show me that she could be like morgan :)