Good Bye Tonsils and Adenoids

Last week Mauryn started to get a cold.  She had a runny nose and a slight cough starting on Christmas Eve.  I was a bit worried she wouldn't be able to have her surgery if her cold did not clear up.  Rescheduling would not have been horrible but we were hoping to get her surgery in before the end of the year.

With lots of rest and lots of prayer, Mauryn started to improve.  On Tuesday she started coughing quite a bit again.  I started to panic that after all the work preparing Mauryn for surgery would be put off and we would have to go through it again.

We arrived at the hospital Wednesday morning to check in.  We had to wait for about an hour and a half before we were taking back to prep for surgery.  Mauryn colored, played games, and watched some TV while we waited.  The entire time she was so calm.

We FINALLY got called back to do the prep work.  I was a little nervous that her lingering cough would be an issue once we met with the nurse but her lungs were clear so we got the ok to proceed with surgery.  Even at this point Mauryn was very calm.  Once her vitals were taken, she got in her gown and the nurse did a great job of explaining what was going to happen once she left the prep room.  When the nurse left we had about 20 minutes to wait before the anesthesiologist came to get her.

I was thankful I had packed a few toys for her so while we waited she played with her polly pockets and had a grand ol' time!
The anesthesiologist and a nurse arrived to take Mauryn back to surgery.  It was at this point that she started to panic a little bit.  She shed a few tears and did the "i want my mommy" {break my heart}.  

About an hour after I handed her over to the anesthesiologist I was taken back to a room to see her.  Mauryn had been out for surgery about a half an hour at this point.  They move the kids from surgery to a stage 1 recovery area where they wake up from the anesthesia.  

This is what she looked like when I came into her room.  Blue lips and glazed eyes.  A nurse was taking her vitals, she watching cartoons, and eating a blue snow cone.
Mauryn came out of surgery doing really well.  She wasn't feeling nauseous or sick at all.  She was wanting to drink and eat her snow cone.  She felt tired but wasn't quite tired enough to fall asleep.
After being in recovery for about an hour or so, Mauryn decided to try some orange sherbet.  She LOVED it!  She thought it was great that she had blue lips and then orange sherbet because it was bronco colors.
Since Mauryn was diagnosed with sleep apnea, we couldn't leave the hospital until she slept for a bit so they could monitor her oxygen while sleeping.  Even though her vitals had been great, we were waiting for her to sleep.  We were in recovery for about 3 hours before she finally fell asleep.  Her vitals stayed great and we were able to go home.

Our first night at home went well.  Mauryn was literally bouncing off the walls. She wanted to eat some macaroni and cheese and was running around the house.  She finally crashed around 8 pm.  Her first night at home she was a bit restless and we didn't get much sleep.  

On Thursday she was pretty punky.  She wouldn't eat or really even drink anything.  By mid afternoon she had a fever and had started vomiting.  I called the doctor and they prescribed an anti vomiting medication and changed her pain medication.  The change in medication really helped her to feel better and she slept great that night.

So far she is doing great with her recovery.  She has not complained at all about her throat being sore and wants to be back to her normal self but is still pretty tired.  Overall, it has been a good experience and I am anxious to see how her sleep will improve once she is full recovered.

Thank you for your prayers.... we definitely felt them and appreciated them.


Denise said...

love you. give "marvin" love and hugs from her californai jones.'

Alana said...

Aw, sweet thing. So glad she is feeling better!

Simply Sara said...

so, so glad it went well.
love from all of us too.
we'll have to have another "play" soon!

Lynn said...

Look at that sweet girl!!! This is what happens when I get behind in blogging!!!! I missed that this was happening and wasn't able to pray for you. So sorry....but SO thankful that the Lord was merciful and Mauryn is doing well. Love the blue lips.