Finding Joy - Week 3

The joys:
* kids working together on a history project
 * valentine bark {similar to peppermint bark.... oreos, pretzel, and m&m's covered with pink candy melts}
 * sunshine and 50 degree days
* kids biking and playing outside
* mauryn taking an interest {finally} in learning to write her name
 * a rainy afternoon spent at the dollar movie theater
* changing our history curriculum to something that is a better fit for our family
* miss mauryn blowing on dinner
 * two unexpected lazy days at home
* an afternoon spent coloring
 * blog friends back to blogging
* a new cowboy statue for our living room given to us by our pastor's wife.  her father passed away in november and this was part of his collection. such a special gift
 * chocolate chip pie with Schwan's french vanilla ice cream
* journaling my joys each week. i realized i don't always remember from the beginning of a week to the end.  a journal is a great tool to keep me accountable and focused
 * i started reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp... amazing. go out and get it now.  
* a four year old tea party with her very favorite doll
 * mauryn hiding under the desk getting warm on the vent
 * a full moon that lit up the sky
* dinner with new friends
* introducing our new friends to Just Dance 2
* phone call with a friend...always joyful and refreshing for my soul


Simply Sara said...

first. yippee for big blog pix ;)

ok. now can i just say again how awesome you are for continuing to look for joy throughout the week. well, you are crazy awesome and i love ya for it!

that valentine's bark looks so yummy!
i think we'll have to make a batch here.

abby isn't interested at all in writing her name. way to go mauryn!

i ordered ann's book last week. i can't wait to dive into it!!!

miss you tons!

Denise said...

now both girls are over my shoulder swooning over chocolate chip pie.

chatting with you is good for my soul too.

"marvin" spelled her name wrong. i will help her get it right when i see her this summer :-) i'll bring another $1.

Alana said...

That journal is soooo cute! I got a cute new journal for my birthday.