Peppermint Bark

When I came across the peppermint oreos {if you haven't tried these you must... yummy!} in the store a few weeks ago, I knew they would be the perfect starting point for creating a peppermint bark very similar to this candy corn bark I made in the fall.

break apart about 14 peppermint oreos,
 add 1 1/2 cups of pretzels, broken into smaller pieces,
 add in 3/4 cup to 1 cup M&M's,
 melt one bag of candy melts {you can use almond bark but i have found the candy melts are easier to use and are not as "heavy" as the almond bark}, pour over oreo, pretzel, M&M mix.  stir to coat mixture.  add M&M's to the top.  i had candy sprinkles and forgot... next time!
 place in the refrigerator to set then break apart into small chunks.
try not to eat this entire bowl in one setting.  

next up with the peppermint oreos,  cookies and cream cake balls.


Simply Sara said...

oh my yumminess.

i haven't seen any fancy peppermint oreos in canada.


Kara Franklin said...

I'm totally making it! Thanks!