Snow Day

The weatherman has been predicting a HUGE winter storm for about two weeks.  Generally I don't pay attention to the breaking news stories about winter weather.  Usually, they are wrong and a big storm here isn't really that big to a born and raised Minnesotan.

When I woke up yesterday to a large snowfall blanketing my yard I was so surprised.  This was the view out our front door.

 After the snow stopped falling in the afternoon I think we had about 8 1/2 inches of snow.  It was a beautiful day yesterday. It was warm enough to play outside and the snow was wet enough to build snowmen or make snowballs.  It was perfect!  We did our advent activity and then played hooky from school the rest of the day.  All the schools were closed so there were plenty of kids to play with in the middle of the day.  The girls' dance class was canceled last night and I chose to keep Morgan home from gymnastics yesterday.  We all had so much fun playing in the snow.
 making snow angels
 mauryn and cooper had a great time playing in {and eating... eww! but i know i did it as a kid too} the snow.
 my big kids were out pretty much all day.  they spent the morning down the street building snow forts and making snow men then came home for the afternoon and created a sledding game.
 morgan pulling amiah
 amiah's turn to pull morgan

then landon finally got his turn
  landon waiting to go sledding. 
when lance got home he took the kids over to church to sled on the hill there.  amiah went with lance and the kids so there wasn't room in his truck for me and no one took a camera but they had a great time.  i enjoyed sitting by the fire reading my book while they were gone :o)

i think the dogs may have had just as much fun as the kids running through the fresh snow.  

it is supposed to rain today so i am not sure how long our beautiful snowfall will last but we enjoyed every minute of our snow day yesterday.  i am hoping that if this snow melts we get another snowfall before christmas.  i am dreaming of a white christmas.

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Simply Sara said...

i'm glad your kids got to enjoy the snow!
we take it for granted. 5+ months of snow does that... :(