Good Old Saint Nick

Growing up, I think we had the perfect blend of Santa with the celebration of Jesus' birth.

Each year on Christmas Eve, shortly before dinner Santa would arrive carrying a black bag containing one toy per child.  Santa would hand out the toys and then make his way into our living room.  He would sit near the nativity scene and read the Christmas story from the bible.  Santa emphasized that Jesus was the real reason we celebrated Christmas.  We would sing Christmas carols ranging from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to Silent Night.

Some of my most treasured memories of childhood are of Christmas Eve.
When grandchildren entered the family, the tradition of Santa arriving on Christmas Eve continued for quite a few years.  In the same fashion Santa {same santa as when i was a child} would arrive shortly before dinner,
read the christmas story, sing carols, and hand out gifts.
I am not sure Morgan remembers this Christmas when Santa came to grandma's house but I loved seeing that tradition come full circle.

If you have read my blog in the past or even throughout this month you know that the emphasis in our home is on the birth of Jesus but our kids do believe in Santa.  They receive one gift from Santa on Christmas Day.  It is a tradition I wanted to continue because the spirit of St. Nicholas was giving and loving.  We did read about St. Nicholas this year and I find it quite funny that my two littlest ones now refer to Santa as Saint Nicholas.

When we still lived in Minnesota, our small town had a wonderful winter festival.  The kids could come and meet Santa. There were no long lines and it was quick and easy.  Since we moved I have not wanted to brave the mall for pictures with Santa and my kids have not asked to visit him so we have skipped it.

Last weekend Morgan had a Christmas party for her gymnastics team. Her coaches dressed up as Santa and Santa's elf.  I couldn't miss an opportunity to snap a Santa picture.  They were such good sports to let all the kids line up for pictures.

coach eduard as santa
morgan with her coaches
landon getting his turn
sassy being herself!

What are some of your favorite childhood memories of Christmas??


Simply Sara said...
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Simply Sara said...

what a wonderful tradition to have santa come visit and then read the story of Jesus' birth. love that!

we use to sing happy birthday to Jesus on christmas morning and have continued that tradition with our kids too :)

Stephanie said...

I heard that the Orchard House, a restaurant, out by Marsing does a fun Christmas thing and Santa is there. I need to go and check it out some year.