What "We" Wore Wednesday

As a stay at home mom it is very easy to stay in sweats or pajamas every day.  Most days the only place I go is to take Morgan to gymnastics and I don't even have to get out of the car, so comfy clothes generally win out.  

For months I have thought about joining in with Lindsey on her what i wore wednesday {wiww}.  I don't have floor length mirror and it hasn't been a priority on my want/need list.  I usually stand on our tub and look in the mirror to survey and outfit.  So I made a comment to Lindsey last week about wanting to join in but needing to get a mirror.  She responded "why don't you have Morgan take your picture".  Ya, why didn't I think of that??  

My kids wanted in on all the fun so we will start with Morgan:  

 1 - Thanksgiving Day
 jeans - justice
shirt - state gymnsatics meet

2 - Saturday: going to get tree
shirt - justice
jeggings - kohl's
3 - Sunday - Church
cords - justice
shirt - justice
clogs {not in pic but oh so cute, my favorite shoes to borrow from her} hanna andersson
4- Monday Co op Day
jeans - justice
tank - justice
sweater - justice
hat - claire's
5 - Tuesday Dentist Appt
jeans - justice
tank- justice
t shirt - aeropostale i think. hand me down from one of her team mates

the little people:
 1- Friday Decorating the house
leggings - hanna andersson
shirt - fall shirt i made for her
accessory - snowman
2- Monday Co op Day
tinker bell costume - brand new at a yard sale $2 - score!
shoes - cinderella dress up
tights - gymboree
3 - Monday Coop Day
jeans - levis from kohl's
shirt - old navy 
4 - Tuesday Dentist Appt
leggings -  crazy 8
ruffled t shirt - crazy 8

i almost didn't post the pictures of myself.  over the course of late summer/fall i have gained quite a bit of weight and after seeing these pictures i saw the extent of the weight gain.  i was embarrassed but  in a way wiww was a good wake up call.  i had gotten out of my routines and was struggling to get back on track.  yesterday i joined weight watchers on line program and have gotten back into an exercise routine. hopefully wiww becomes how i shrunk wednesday :o)  

1 - Thanksgiving Day
jeans - maurices
tanks - maurices
shirt - maurices
jewelry - maurices
do you see a theme here... its one of my favorite stores!
2- Saturday - picking out the tree
jeans - maurices
shirt - maurices
vest - target
necklace - lisa leonard designs... love
3 - Sunday - Church
dress- old navy
tank - layers
leggings - forever 21
boots - target
4- Coop Day
jeans - maurices
shirt - target
vest - eddie bauer {old}
bracelet - one of the teens brought it from hawaii
boots - eddie bauer {old}
5 - Tuesday kids' dentist appts
jeans - maurices
sweater - gap {old} and it maybe should be retired as mauryn said it looked like an apron
shirt - old navy
posy pin - pleated poppy

are you going to play along??


Denise said...

how fun that you played along. i need to get with the program and start taking pix every day.

you all look CUTE! but your pix are too tiny. i need to walk with you through the html and show you how to adjust the size of your pix.

Simply Sara said...

so fun!
and i agree, you all look awesome :)

i can't play along...one can only post so many pajama pix. in fact i am in my pjs and teddy bear robe right now as i type this.
and it's already after lunch.


Valerie Berg said...

OK, first off I think you are crazy to post all these pictures (although I love it)! :) I could never play along with that as most of the time I'm too grubbed out! :)

Way to get going with the health kick again too - I am so up and down lately that I've got to kick in a food journal yet again.

Rachel Slagle said...

cute outfits :) i've been toying with the idea of playing for months too :)

and weight watchers is awesome... i've been doing it since may and have lost 40 pounds. you'll lose your weight in no time :)