100 Joys Project - Part 2

I am joining up with Sarah as part of her 100 joys project.  You can read my first part here.

Joy is:

25.  families coming together to bless a family in need at Christmas... secret santa style.
26.  finding a Christmas mini loaf pan on sale
27.  filling the loaf pan with peanut M&M's
28 & 29.  baking with my kids and watching them sneak a little taste
30 &31. finding unexpected packages on my doorstep from a friend and my sister
32.  sharing a step with a friend while drinking hot chocolate
33.  enjoying a warm{ish} sunny winter day in pajamas and boots
34 & 35.  watching the kids find all the last bits of snow.... even if it is to eat it {eww!}

36.  dancing in the sun in the front yard in your pajamas and not worrying what anyone thinks
37, 38, 39, 40, 41, & 42.  two unexpected days at home due to a child with the stomach flu.  The days at home meant baking, pajama days, movies, fresh sheets on beds, and a clean house.

43 & 44.  watching the creativity in my children... like adding a belly button to baby Jesus or making hearts with candy kisses used in baking.

45.  having extra hands while baking
46.  the memories of childhood shared with my children as we make cookies using the same cookie cutters I used with my mother and grandmother
47 & 48. having my husband and daughter enjoy a date skiing on the mountain while the two little ones and I had a movie date for Mauryn's first big theater experience{we saw tangled... so good}
49. children caring for their dog... loving on him and making sure he is warm even though he drives them crazy most  some of the time

50.  our house filled with teenagers on Sunday nights sharing life and laughter.  
51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, & 57.  seeing Christmas through the eyes of my children... the excitement over a birthday party for Jesus, the singing of Christmas songs, the reciting of bible verses they have worked hard to memorize for their program, the reading of stories, the celebrating of advent, and the joy of giving.
58.  fresh fallen snow. I am hoping it lasts for a white Christmas.
59.  Christmas break!


Simply Sara said...

my heart sees so much joy in you!

so wonderful to talk to you again... wish we could sit face to face and send all the kids downstairs to play together so that we could actually finish a conversation :)

i'm thinking that the theater passes santa brings us may be used on the movie tangled. i can't believe you didn't know the story before ;)
i remember acting it out one year at camp when i was like 8(probably because i got to be rapunzel. ha!)

i shudder when my kids eat snow too. but i have to remember that i used to feast on it when i was little. yuck!

so excited for sing off tonight. enjoy watching it with lance. i'll be thinking of you!
(do you have a favorite.... i can't decide!)

miss you!

Denise said...

love your joys.
i got a surprise package from s.m. too!
be expecting another surprise package soon :-)